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Where’s the student loan at?

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We all need money to study and we don’t all have parents who can fork it out. But if you do have family to help out with securing a bank loan, take advantage of it, get your studies behind you and pay back your student loan as soon as you can!

It can be a challenge to find funding We get it.  A great game plan would be to suss out your options and take it from there.  There are opportunities just waiting to be snatched up.  We promise.

Try a Student Loan

  • Most major banking institutions offer student loans at attractive interest rates. Interest rates may decrease for consecutive years of study.
  • Normally bank loans cover the duration of study and are repaid once you start working or once you have graduated. Some banks offer a grace period to students who are completing internships, articles or community service.
  • In most instances you are required to repay the interest while still studying. Sometimes surety / security is required, which means that a relative, friend or sponsor must guarantee to repay the loan if you fail to do so. Visit your local bank to find out what products they offer students.

Here are some useful contacts details:

FYI: If you need more guidance you can have a look at our scholarship and bursary listing here.


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