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Want the low down on all degrees, what careers they lead to, what subjects to take and what your salary might be one day? This is the place to be. We give you all of the information you could possibly need when applying at university.

You’ve heard of all of these interesting sounding degrees that you can apply for. You think, well, it would probably make a pretty cool title on your business card one day. Unfortunately many students make the mistake of NOT researching their degrees properly before they take the studying route. Ultimately, they may end up completely hating their studies within the first 6 months and drop out. Studies have shown that only 15% of students who enroll for undergraduate studies graduateLet’s get you guys to graduation!

We know that researching degrees can get pretty complicated. So we simplified it for you. We have provided the degree name, what your future career options can look like, what subjects you need to take in school to be able to qualify for this degree and what the average salary with that degree is upon graduation.

If you would like to know the job availability or how critical it is in South Africa, then take a look here and here. 


  • Subject requirements may differ slightly at each university.
  • Associated salary depends on which route you choose to take with your degree. The given associated salary is not completely accurate and is just to give you an idea of what to expect.

AgriSciences Careers
Engineering Careers
Law Careers
Theology Careers
Commerce Careers
Health Science Careers
Military Science Careers
Veterinary Science Careers
Education Careers
Humanities Careers
Science Careers

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Now that you have a better idea of what each degree can lead to and what subjects you need, remember that it is still important to do something that you love and are passionate about. Most people only get the chance to study one degree, so make sure you follow your passion.

These salaries are just averages across many different sectors and in many different routes you could take, so don’t take these amounts as law. They can vary a lot.

Another tip: Don’t just aim for the required mark, aim higher and work as hard as you can. These marks are the minimum and since most fields are so competitive, they choose the people with the best marks as they can only accept so many students at once.

Good luck with your career decisions and may the odds forever be in your favour.

22 thoughts on “What will I earn with which Career?”

  1. Hi my name is Hanah Lee Ramsoomar and i am currently in grade 11 i want to know whether I could study nursing with the subjects I am currently doing… I am doing maths literacy,geography,business studies and life sviences and would I be able to study through a hospital

  2. Hi my name is Muhammad
    I am in grade11 and I am doing the following subjects mathematical literacy, business studies and history and I want to know what career can I go for

  3. Hi Muhammad. Check out our EduMatch site. You can enter your marks and subjects (for free) and see what you qualify for at the different SA universities 🙂

  4. Hi my name is Tryphina Nkosi I was studying ancillary at a college now I want to continue with my nursing and I don’t have money so what must I do cause i have my ancillary certificate but i can’t apply to a university please help

  5. Hi Tryphina,

    There are so many bursaries available for people who are interested in studying nursing since it is so needed through out South Africa. Some private hospitals like NetCare or MediClinic will pay for your studies. While there are many government bursaries available for nursing.

    Where would you like to study nursing? If you give me a specific place and province, I can give you more specific information 🙂

  6. Hi Nipsey,

    You can apply to any university or university of technology that offers drama as a course. You can also try AFDA, but they will be pricier than the government universities like UCT or Stellenbosch.

    You should also join a casting agency now and start auditioning for adverts and small roles in movies to start getting your name out there.

  7. Hi I’m in grade 12 and my marks for applying now are low. And I only qualify for a few institutions. What are my options for next year, should I apply late or take a gap year? I’m confused

  8. Hi Lebo, do you know exactly what you want to study and do you qualify for it? If you don’t, don’t study something just because you qualify for it. Rather take a gap year and upgrade your subjects so that you can study exactly what you want to. If you don’t know what you want to study, take a look at EduMatch and see what’s out there for you 🙂

  9. Hi ,I’m Millet and I am doing grade 12,,I applied in the university of Pretoria and I took computer engineer as my first choice and computer science as my 2nd choice .so the admission on my 2nd choice is based on nbt ,so since I am going to write my nbt on the 17th of September and the closing of this coarse is the 30th of sept ,and I haven’t heard anything from them so I want to know if there is still a chance for me to be admitted…

  10. Hi Millet,
    The NBT results generally take 3 weeks to be processed. I suggest you contact the admissions office at the University of Pretoria directly and inform them of this. Some institutions take the NBT process into account. If you have any other questions about the NBTs, here is some information. All the best!

  11. Hi
    I’m currently in first year but not enjoying the degree i am in.
    I am interested in doing events management, particularly sports events.
    Please can someone advice me on what degree i can register for and at what university.

  12. Hi…my name is Maserame Sefali…I am at grade 10,and i am doing the following subjects:::maths lit,business studies,languages,english,life orientation and tourism, so i want to know which career to do at uniniversity….please help me….

  13. Hi Maserame 🙂
    Thanks for your query! Take a look at our EduMatch page here. You will be able to find all study options, based on your interests, subjects and potential marks. All the best with grade 10!

  14. Hi my name is Andile.
    i was doing grade 12 in 2015, so i upgraded in 2016 and also applied in 2016. now results are about to be released. how do i secure a space in university. since i will have two transcripts?
    should i make one transcript then apply or submit the two subjects i upgraded?.

    and since im an international citizen, is there any bursary i can obtain from S.A. companies and other institutions. I wanna do Economics

    thank you

  15. Hi… My name is Huzayfa. I will be in grade 11 in 2017. My subjects are maths, accounting,life science and physics. which fields should i consider. I am currently being advised by my dad to consider chartered accounting, medicine or teaching.
    what would you advise me

  16. Hi Andile,
    Thank you for your query! Well done on deciding to take time to upgrade your marks. When trying to secure a place at university, it is important to submit your new transcript. If this only has the two subjects that you upgraded then you need to also submit your transcript from 2015. There are few funding opportunities for international students. However, you can browse through the available funding opportunities on our EduFunding site here
    Wishing you all the best!

  17. Hi Huzayfa,
    Thank you for your query! You have got a great subject package! Deciding on a career path is difficult. The most important factor to consider is what interests you. Subjects that you enjoy will be a good indicator of which career direction you should go in. Another factor to consider is which subjects you are good at. For example, if you enjoy numbers and accounting and excel in this area, perhaps a career in finance or chartered accounting would suit you. Perhaps, make a list of the subjects you enjoy as well as a list of those subjects you are good at. The subjects that are on both lists will help guide you. I hope this helps.
    Wishing you all the best for grade 11 🙂

  18. Hi I’m Thandeka. I’ve applied last year at UJ and was declined due to poor results and now i’ve passed with bachelor’s but the problem I’ve failed maths my question is where can I upgrade my results full-time

  19. Hi there,

    Thank you for your query and well done for being so persistent! It’s inspiring to hear 🙂

    You have several options. Have a look at this article for options of where you can upgrade your matric subjects.

    All the best!

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