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We really need to talk about saving water. Right now, over 98% of South Africa’s reliable water has already been used up. We’re in a water crisis and you need to care.

Unfortunately, we should have been taking exstream (lol) measures to reduce our water usage yesterday already. But that doesn’t mean we’re past the point of no return. There’s still a lot we can do to salvage our situation and preserve the water supplies we’ve got left. 

Conveniently, we’ve already offered you some tips on how to save water and waste less. This time, we’ve got some less conventional suggestions that really work.

Here’s what we’ve got:

    1. The Bucket Challenge: So there’s this guy who pretty much tops our charts even though we had no idea what he was saying. For people with more oddly shaped heads, try standing in a bucket to catch all the water you use. You can then use that water to flush the loo.
    2. Shower together for water’s sakeThis is purely a water-saving technique. No group hugs, just a well-timed dance to avoid wasting water while you’re soapin’ up.
    3. Re-wear dem denim jeansThere are some items of clothing that we can get away with multiple uses with no one noticing. Choose wisely, though, because white shirts and khaki pants usually don’t work so well (looking at you, Ruairi).
    4. Praise the grey waterThe water you collect from your washing machines, showers, baths and basins must be harvested like a crop and reused for your toilets, gardens and floors.
    5.  Get clued upSometimes it helps to understand more about the water you drink and where it comes from.  Hopefully this video will convince you to save a little more.

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