What is a Hybrid Marketer?

Hybrid Marketers are new-age Digital Marketers that are able to deliver services across multiple marketing solutions. These include search, mobile, social, content, analytics, web, PR, and email marketing offerings. Today’s marketing space requires marketers to be able to create multi-faceted campaigns that use a number of tools to engage with users & market participants. An individual who is able to successfully draw on multiple marketing tools to deliver such campaigns can be referred to as a Hybrid Marketer.


EduConnect is looking for young, dynamic marketers who fit the ‘hybrid’ mould. Leading candidates will be analytical thinkers who are social media savvy, possess professional writing skills, and display an energising personality that will contribute to our company culture. New hires will be placed into challenging positions and be pushed to innovate in their arenas in order to improve company-wide efficiency. They will be expected to advance their knowledge in their field continuously and provide valuable insights to the team.

This position is for someone who believes that they can contribute to the company’s disruption and innovation in the education space. It is for someone who is passionate about helping people and who has a ‘can do’ attitude towards every hurdle.

Key Characteristics:

  • Proactive – meaning, if you aren’t competent with all of the Key and Bonus Skill Areas (on the right), you will be by the time we’ve received your application.
  • Creative – the ability to innovate is a vital part of our work and we don’t go anywhere without our creativity.
  • Results focussed – it is important that everything you do makes the boat move faster.
  • Professional communicator – it’s like the modern day respect to take communication seriously.
  • Data driven – metrics are indispensable in backing up our great ideas and fixing our not so great ones. That makes our data really important to gather and understand.

Key Skill Areas

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Data & Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Public Relations & Communication
  • Search & SEO

Bonus Skill Areas

  • Experience with WordPress
  • Graphic Design
  • Events Management


  • Applicants for this position must be located in Cape Town or Johannesburg (or be willing to relocate).