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Ten years ago, we would have laughed at the idea of attending school virtually. But now, strapping a cardboard box to your head to get to maths class seems closer than ever.

To be honest, we hope it never gets to the point when we don’t have to leave our houses to do anything (‘cause walks to school are the BOMB), but technology in the classroom is going to be big so we need to be smart with how we use it.  Virtual Education

According to our best mates at Microsoft (who won’t stop calling us and hanging up the phone since our last mail), the outlook on integrating technology into the classroom seems positive, but needs plenty of work.

On the one hand, their recent survey revealed a willingness from educators to have technology integrated into the classroom. A constructive attitude, which is so vital in helping us to improve the way we learn in today’s environment. We’ll never let a robot replace you, ma’am. We promise.

On the other hand, educators have expressed the need to be up-skilled in order to facilitate learning through technology. Without knowing how to leverage off technology properly, the implementation of it is worthless in the learning environment.

We’re going to keep our ears to the ground for in- and out- the ‘cardboard box’ innovations. The virtual space is exploding and you’ll need to know the latest before Microsoft does another survey…


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