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Topic 2: General Qualification Outline

February 27, 2019
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Bachelor Degree in Nursing Sciences: 

The degree consists of both a compulsory practical clinical training component and a theoretical component. Once you have completed a BCur or equivalent, you can register with SANC. The Bcur usually prepares you in four specifics fields: 

General nursing (working in hospitals and medical practices)

Community nursing

Psychiatric nursing

Midwifery (caring for mothers and babies)

Your course will have a practical component. You will learn how to do the kind of practical work you will need to be able to do when you become a nurse. In the theoretical component, you will learn the theory of what it is to be a nurse and you will study medical, biological and natural sciences, psychological and social sciences, and pharmacology so that you have the knowledge you need to be a competent and successful healthcare professional.

Diploma in Nursing:

This course is three years and also consists of practical and theoretical work. After you have completed this qualification you are able to work as a registered staff nurse or enrolled nurse. During this course you will cover similar work to what you would cover in the Bcur degree. You will go less-in-depth with the work as the course is shorter. You will learn how to provide nursing care, apply your knowledge in the nursing practice, diagnose and treat minor illnesses and provide reproductive health care.

Higher Certificate in Auxiliary nursing: 

This is a one-year qualification that is aimed to equip you with the skills that you will need to provide basic nursing care to individuals while working under the supervision of a nurse who holds a national diploma or degree. After completing your higher certificate you will be able to register as an enrolled nursing auxiliary. This course will teach you how to apply your knowledge of the theory, the practice of basic nursing and how to asses ,plan, implement and evaluate basic nursing care for individuals and groups.

Postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Nursing:

This course is designed to strengthen and deepen your knowledge in nursing and midwifery. During this course, you will specialise as a nurse or midwife (or accoucheur). This course is also only one year long and can only be completed after you have received a diploma or degree in nursing. Unlike the other courses, this course is mostly theoretical. This qualification will also be helpful if you wish to pursue a career in nursing management. This is the postgraduate course for an individual who has a diploma in nursing, will have to complete in order to work as a nursing sister in South African Hospitals.