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Topic 1: Interests

March 26, 2019
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Psychology is not a one-size fits all qualification. A three-year undergrad and one-year honour’s is just the start of a lifelong dedication to academia and your field. Following that you will do a two-year masters, followed by a four-year doctorate, finished with one to two years of training and licencing.

To be a successful in your field, no matter what your specialisation is, you need to have the follow 5 simple principles:

1. Be prepared for a long journey

2. Be altruistic, empathetic and a peoples person

3. Know that the studying never stops

4. Be informed on all the career avenues within the field

5. Be patient and willing to work on yourself

Additionally, you should have grounded life philosophies that are there to guide you through the bounty of information you will come across in the psychology field.

Overall, it is necessary to have a keen interest in how the brain works, what motivates people’s’ actions and emotions and well as how various psychological and neurological conditions are caused and manifest in people.