Top Five Obscure Occupations that Pay Well


The youth of today are always looking for interesting ways to make money. If this is you, you know that the usual nine-to-fiver just won’t cut it. We get you. That’s why we have taken the opportunity to find some unusual careers that pay the big bucks.

You may have heard of some of these top five but probably didn’t realise their earning potential. Despite the fact that the reward of earning could involve some risk, knowledge is power. So get ready to be empowered.


How to Write a CV

There are various ways to write a CV, which means writing your CV is an individual task. While this article can’t tell you exactly what your specific CV should look like, it can provide you with some helpful tips and downfalls to avoid.

You can find some awesome opportunities for youth below.   Here are the top five unusual occupations paying top dollar.

1. Ethical Hacker

Admittedly one of the more skilled occupations, but imagine being an IT professional who is paid to hack into organisations’ computer and network systems?

Job description: Their job is to find weaknesses in an organisation’s system that potential malicious hackers could identify and use. The field is fast-growing and with it, earning potential increases. If you don’t have information system training, you can do an ethical hacker course through the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants. Be careful, though. It could be tempting to go over to the dark side.

Salary: R35 000 – R100 000 per month

Risk involved: Chances of becoming an unethical hacker – 5/10


2. Aeroplane Re-possessor

Wealthy people have expensive jets. However, even wealthy individuals run into financial problems and fail to make payments. So when their biggest blessing becomes their greatest curse, that’s where the airplane repo man comes in.

Job description: Doing the work of a private investigator, you will find the location of the plane, monitor the site and determine the best time to burst into the plane and take off with it. You do have to be a commercial pilot because you need to be able to fly the plane.   With this opportunity, you won’t have to stick to simply flying back and forth to exotic locations; you have the chance to live an action movie. If you run into a confrontation with the owner, you may need to call in legal reinforcements. And potentially a bodyguard, who is good with numb chucks. 

Salary: R40 000 – R90 000 per plane.

Risk involved: Physical confrontations – 7/10


3. Waterslide Tester

From the office to the water park, quality controllers need to test slides all over the country to make sure they’re safe and fun. While there is always the risk that the slide could crumble beneath you, at least you’ll die having the time of your life.

Job description: You need to go down these slides several times to determine time to get to the bottom of the slide as well as any safety or performance issues and then write a report accordingly. It is a highly competitive market and positions are limited. Since water slides are a summer/spring (and maybe autumn) activity, you may need to find another job for the winter months. Perhaps take a look at number four.

Salary: R40 000 per month

Risk involved: Unless it’s a crazy Japanese slide – 4/10

Website: you may need to search a bit for this one, as it’s rare. Overseas is probably your best bet. Try

4. Professional Bridesmaid

One of the occupations more suited to our female job-seekers.

Job description: a professional bridesmaid takes care of all the stressful things the real bridesmaids would usually do. This is the part of being in the wedding party that most women shudder at. You know, the actual working part which leaves them with more time to drink mimosas with the bride-to-be. Duties include: shopping for dresses, planning the bachelorette and kitchen tea, updating the gift registry, printing invitations, managing the guest list, working with hired professionals, helping the bride with her hair and make-up, helping her eat and go to the bathroom and any number of unexpected events that could occur leading up to and on the actual day. It is helpful to have done an event planning course and you could even start your own business. If not, you could sign up with a professional bridesmaid agency.
Pro: you won’t have to walk down the aisle.
Con: you won’t have to walk down the aisle. Well, maybe if you ask nicely.

Salary: R30 000 or more per wedding

Risk involved: Bridezilla – 5/10


5. Doula

Another of our more feminine occupations – though, men, if you’re sensitive enough, I’m sure you could do this too!

Job description: a doula is not to be confused with a midwife. You don’t need a medical degree, but you would need to complete a short childcare course. Of course, herein lies opportunity to become a midwife if you so choose. A doula essentially offers physical and emotional support to an expecting mother. Duties include, but aren’t limited to, conducting necessary research, locating health practitioners, birthing location, birth planning, light housekeeping duties, massaging mom’s back during contractions, cuddling baby to give mom a break to shower and so forth.

Having this kind of constant support apparently has wonderful health benefits for both mom and child.

Salary: R7 000 – R20 000 per client, but you can determine your own rates, depending what the mom-to-be expects

Risk involved: Relatively low risk, unless negligent with the baby – 5/10



CV vs. Resume – What’s the Difference?

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Things have certainly changed since your parents’ day, haven’t they? What’s life without a little bit of risk? Take your chances and you could be raking in the moola. No matter which job you may find yourself interested in, some offer great potential for lucrative careers while other occupations may be for a season. Consider all top five if you have the time – if you’re young and brave enough, why not?

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