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Time to Take a Grand Tour

by Robyn Tichauer


The great thing about the hospitality industry is that it’s booming all over the world. The beauty of this is that you are able to travel, experience new cultures all while obtaining a degree with Stenden South Africa a campus of Stenden University. Read how here.

Having grown up in the small town of Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape, Sasha Newbold was exposed to the hospitality lifestyle from an early age. Her parents have owned and run the Manderson Hotel and Conference Centre for over 20 years. Naturally, Sasha helped out in the hotel from an early age and developed a love and passion for the hospitality industry.

Sasha decided to follow in the footsteps of her parents and follow her passion by enrolling for a B.Com Hospitality Management degree at Stenden South Africa – an internationally recognized degree associated with Stenden University in The Netherlands. While studying at Stenden, she was given an opportunity of a life time – she chose to do the B.Com combined with the BBA.

Studying Abroad

If hospitality is your thing and you’ve always dreamed about traveling the world while following your dreams, then take a look at Stenden South Africa. Sasha highly recommends “The Grand Tour’ where Stenden SA students are able to embark on a 3 – 6 month study exchange to any of their 4 other satellite campuses – Holland, Qatar, Bali and Thailand.

There is a difference between the grand tour and a BBA. The BBA is an extension to the BCom and is at the same level as an honours. You must be doing the BCom to be able to do the BBA. To do this, you need to spend 10 months at the Netherlands campus. It’s simply the more specialised training only done there.

The Grand Tour

The name alone causes great excitement and stirs up a wanderlust you might have to keep at bay. Finally. The Grand Tour is a part of the BCom degree program where you don’t just sit in lecture halls and listen to stories of the great, big world out there. You’re actually going to put your knowledge into practice by attending classes at one of the Satellite campuses abroad and being given the opportunity to experience the culture and hospitality industry at your chosen destination.

Before you can think of embarking on your next journey, you need to choose a minor. A minor is the same thing as a major at other universities, basically it’s the subject you want to specialise in. The minor that you choose will be the module that you do at your chosen location. There are many minors but the most popular is the Events Management minor. Future wedding planners, this is for you.

Anyone can choose to do the Grand Tour in their second or third year. You just need to choose a campus that has the minor you want to do and which you’ll enjoy. All students can’t go to the same place so acceptance also relies on how many people wish to attend the same satellite campus. The best option is to apply through the administration offices at Stenden South Africa to secure your place.

Once you’ve made your decision and finalised your plans, you’re jet-setting off to your new home for a semester. Once there, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the culture and way of life while learning all about the hotel industry at your chosen destination.

Sasha’s Experience

Sasha decided to do the Events Management 1 and 2 minors as her specialisations which meant she could complete the course at Stenden’s satellite campuses in Bali and Thailand. As a result, Sasha fell completely in love with the life in Bali and decided to do her 10 month internship at the Conrad Luxury Hilton Hotel. She worked in five different departments of Events and Wedding planning.  Being faced with a completely new culture, Sasha found herself intrigued by the different cultures and traditions.

Many of the Asian cultures have strict rules and traditions that they have to adhere to, especially when it comes to weddings. Her one experience involved Japanese and Chinese brides. According to Japanese tradition, the bride isn’t allowed to see any other bride before the wedding. If she does – it’s considered very bad luck. Unfortunately Sasha’s Japanese bride bumped into a Chinese bride taking pictures of the venue. The hysteria that followed is best left in the past.

Take a look at what the Bali and Thailand grand tour experiences could look like for you:

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Where is she now?

During her 10 month internship abroad, Sasha was head hunted by Vara, a private wedding company. She is set to move to Australia to open the Vara brand to the Australian Market. By doing this, Sasha is now a permanent resident in Bali, which is pretty close to Australia, where she can follow her passion. Currently, Sasha has bought her own scooter and rents a house with another foreign internship student.

To set your mind at ease, she integrated into the Balinese culture easily and has already learnt Balinese. With a few easy changes in thinking, you can have an amazing experience abroad.

On the 20th of May 2016 Sasha is graduating from Stenden South Africa with her BCom and BBA from Stenden University and will officially be working for Vara.

All-Out Experience

The Stenden campus is in the sunny and beautiful Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape. The town has a small population but is perfect for nature and beach lovers.

Stenden offers a full-out experience for any lover of the hospitality industry. Their degree allows you to branch out into various departments of hospitality. They also offer a Disaster Management degree for those who have a drive to make the best out of a bad situation.

You can gain top-quality education, invaluable experience and a journey of a life-time while getting your degree. Stenden prides itself in offering a qualification that combines the practical and theoretical aspects in such a way to optimally benefit the student and the job opportunities upon graduation.

You will also become involved with festivals and events around South Africa as part of your events minor courses… Venues such as the CTICC are a must, but they also visit the Cape Town Stadium, music festivals and other venues that give students insight into the workings of an event organiser. As one student put it – “the events tour is an amazing combination of education, culture and lots of fun!!”

Time to Shine

With a top-quality education, unforgettable memories and practical knowledge that conquers all, you’re destined for great things. If your passion coincides with the values of Stenden, take a first step into securing your desired future. Take a look at their website or organise a tour of their Port Alfred campus.

EduConnect 2Cents

The hospitality industry is one that will never lose its role in the economy. People will always have a desire to travel and see new things. With the latest developments of technology, travelling can only become easier, cheaper and quicker. So why not delve into a world that you love and follow your own dreams? A secure, happy future is one that should not be taken for granted.


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