The TVET turnaround

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Be prepared: this is a serious turn. We’re talking 180 degrees here…

In a recent statement issued by our dear, ol’ Department of Higher Education and Training, TVET colleges are back on track after taking a little trip to crisis-ville.  

What crisis?, you may ask. Well, in summary, TVETs failed to issue graduates with certificates. Not an ideal situation all round.   But it didn’t end there: TVETs continued to shake the cage by delaying the release of last year’s exam results. The drama, yo.

In an impressive plot twist, the department has managed to get it together and are resolving the issues. New systems are in place and nothing but praise is falling on TVETs of late. Even our Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa, has had his two cents. He believes TVETs are becoming a valuable asset in educating our youth.

It’s only March but TVET colleges may be the ‘Comeback Kid of the Year’. For more info on TVETs, have a look through the popular TVET college institution pack.

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