Winter is Coming – So is Hot Chocolate and Blankets


Winter is coming. Whether you’re further up North or in the Mother City, the seasonal change is in the air. With it come the golden hues of the trees, snuggly hoodies and way too many series. Robyn lists some must-haves for the cooler season.

In the middle of summer, we all claim how we can’t stand the heat and can’t wait for winter. While in the middle of winter, everyone complains about the cold and absolutely can’t wait for summer. Typical, isn’t it? Us mere mortals are never satisfied with the weather we have. And that’s okay, I’m one of them too.

I started thinking about this upcoming change of weather. How do I make sure that I have the best time while not moaning away and just being plain ungrateful about what I have? My complaining levels during winter generally reach a point of annoyance. You can probably relate.

So, let’s get to it and set up a a feel-good list of things to surround ourselves with to make the best out of the situation.

1. Easter Eggs

I know, I know. What have Easter eggs got to do with the change in weather? Personally, Easter marks the change of seasons for me. Hot cross buns, cinnamon milk and Easter egg hunts (don’t believe the lies – you’re never too old for an Easter egg hunt). And chocolate. Seriously. Lay it all on me. Those hard, white Easter eggs that are ridiculously over-priced but so worth it? Those rule my world as the seasons change. And I make it my mission to ensure that as Easter passes by and Easter eggs are sold out, that I am well stocked up on the white eggs for when my series binging takes over.

2. Series

I can’t remember the last time I spoke to someone who actually follows a series on TV. Nowadays, it’s all about losing yourself – and your hygiene – in a marathon of your latest series craze. With Netflix now in South Africa and Showmax, it’s so easy to get lost in a fictional world for hours at a time. Start researching or chatting to people about some series and get watching. Just remember to make some time for real life too – you know, like homework and assignments.

3. Comfy Clothes

When you read that you probably imagined your favourite track pants, hoody and slippers. I did too. But unfortunately, as the real world would have it, that type of attire simply will not do when going to work, varsity or to the mall. And let’s be honest – winter clothes can be SO expensive.

Luckily at MRP they have a new range of awesome active tops. From the shiny new take on statement tees and on-trend turtleneck tops for girls, to cool textured pullovers and printed long sleeve tops for guys – they’ve got the ‘athleisure’ look covered. I for one am excited that I don’t have to give up my Easter egg money, because the the tops start from R59,99.

4. A Really Good Book

I know reading isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (though it should be, because there are plenty of proven benefits to reading!).

A great book can captivate even the non-reader for hours. I’ve seen it happen. Standard procedure: people claim to hate reading, I give them a good book and – BHAM, they’re lost and in love with a world of fictional characters.

So head on over to TakeAlot or Exclusive Books and start browsing. The chances of them having the genre and type of book you could be interested in is high. Or read this article about the latest and greatest books at the moment.

5. Bubble Bath

There is absolutely nothing like getting home after a miserably cold and rainy day, running a bath with some delicious smelling bubbles and letting the heat of the bath seep into your muscles. It’s fantastic, and I do this at least once a week when the cooler weather arrives.

Nowadays you even get bubble bath that changes colour. You pour it in and it’ll be pink and then as it spreads through the bath it turns blue. I feel like a kid again every time when I see it and get super excited. Go look at places like Clicks for some really nice bubble baths.

6. Popcorn

In the perfect world there would be popcorn machines within every 100m of any given location. With optional seasoning. Popcorn is the best snack to ever have graced this planet and it is a must for those days spent indoors. Whether you’re studying, working, or watching series – popcorn is the best companion to any event. So stock up on some popcorn kernels (they’re so much cheaper, especially if you’re addicted like I am), get some olive oil (makes me feel healthier than when I use butter) and some yummy spices and munch the season away!

7. A Beanie

Nothing says comfort like a beanie. I have a home beanie and a public beanie. Each makes me feel warm on the inside and certainly comforts me as I go about my day. Beanies should be a part of every uniform in the winter. They keep the brain warm – are you with me, students?? So let’s go raid our favourite clothing stores like MRP and get some great beanies to keep our brains warm and keep the productivity going.

8. Hot Chocolate

I don’t know about you, but my winter months are filled with cup after cup of hot chocolate. And that starts in March.

My best friend and I already have a huge tub of hot chocolate stashed away that we bring out at every visit while watching a movie or chatting under the blankets. It’s great and this change in weather is the stamp of approval to get the hot chocolate ball rolling. Hopefully in my direction.

9. A Hottie

No, not a human. Although if you have a partner, then all the better. If you don’t, a hot water bottle – or hottie – is perfect for those colder days where you have no plans to venture out of your front door. Hot water bottles are my best friends and I have been known to use three or more at a time.

10. A Winter Getaway

There’s something majestic about going away when the weather isn’t your typical holiday weather. No sunshine and hot days spent in the sun. Instead, mornings spent staring out of the window while the waves crash on the rocks. Or watching the rain pour down outside. Maybe even sitting around the fire in a nice warm hoody with a cup of hot chocolate warming your hands. Camping isn’t too bad either, just take some gumboots with. Go check out our list of budget trips in Cape Town to get some ideas. It really doesn’t have to be a huge expense but it’s always nice to have something to look forward to.

I hope you’re feeling more positive about this change in weather and you’re ready to tackle it with an Easter egg in each hand. I know I am. So for now, let’s get out there and enjoy this great weather that we’re having and get as much Vitamin D in as possible before the sun gets hijacked by the clouds for next six months.

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Winter doesn’t have to be gloomy. Neither does the build up. Make the best of it! Get out there and appreciate the beauty that Autumn brings with it. There’s nothing like a hike in a forest while the leaves are falling around you. Go and get out there. Your series will still be there when you get back.

 All too soon, we’re all going to feel like this:

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