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The Importance of Distance Learning

by Robyn Tichauer

Distance learning is starting to increase in popularity. However, people are still very cautious when it comes to actually making use of it. No matter your age, race, ethnic group or income, you can still study from the comfort of your own home. Here, we list why you can still study and achieve your goals.

Distance learning has long had a negative stereotype of it being solely for people who cannot afford to go to tertiary institutions. It is no longer aimed at a specific social, ethnic, economic or racial group and has increased in popularity in all of these groups in recent years.

According to Time, 95% of all South Africans cannot afford to study further and are, therefore, unable to afford tertiary education if they do not get a bursary or student loan. Others who can get funding or who can afford it, might have other plans which do not involve tertiary institutions. Distance learning gives students the opportunity to achieve their goals and create a better future for themselves.

What exactly is distance learning?

Distance learning is where lectures are broadcasted via correspondence. All material, assignments and study guides are done online or via the post. You don’t need to travel to a campus, except when you write exams. This means that you have the freedom to choose when you study and work on your assignments. You would have due dates for these assignments and specific exam dates, but when you choose to study and work is completely up to you.

Given up on a qualification?

It often happens that someone who wishes to study, simply cannot get away from home to do this. It might be due to family circumstances (ill parent, children, career, protective parents, finances, etc.) or perhaps the physical distance from the tertiary institution. With distance learning you don’t need to worry about any of these issues. If you wanted to, you could do it from a tiny little town where not many venture. That way you keep you and your family happy.

You might think you are not dedicated enough to self-study and work without the structure of classes. Maybe you naturally disregard distance learning all together. Here’s the twist though. Most long distance learning institutes are well equipped with tutors and lecturers who are waiting at the other end of the internet line to answer your questions and encourage you on your distance learning journey.

Benefits of distance learning

Perhaps you reckon you’re too old or you’ve been out of the study game for far too long and can’t remember how to study, never mind pass a qualification. Or maybe you think you just aren’t a ‘study person’, you just cannot do it, people move too quickly for you or you get bored too easily. Well then, listen up. You can do the following with distance learning:

  • Re-watch the same video or reread the same paragraph a million times until it is forever etched into your memory
  •  Slowly ease into things and find your bearings or take as many breaks as you need to get through your work without losing motivation or getting bored
  • Decide your own style of learning and studying. Distance learning is not the same as classroom learning and offers much more freedom
  • Study at home in your own time without incurring extra costs such as travelling expenses
  • Work and earn an income while studying at home after work hours
  • Gain experience while working. Companies often pay for studies through distance learning if you work there as it increases their value. 
  • Achieve all of your goals simultaneously. You do not have to wait to start your career and lose time.
  • Improve your results with distance learning as an alternative or as a gateway to a better education
  • Work at your own pace. You do not have the pressure to keep up to pace as students who attend lectures do, and therefore you can understand your work better.

Convinced, now what?

Institutions all across South Africa that offer distance learning are upping their game to make it an easier decision for you and to help you achieve the best that you can. One of these institutions, Damelin Correspondence, ensures highly qualified and experienced tutors who provide speedy feedback. The competition is strong and Damelin Correspondence aims to provide the best distance learning education.

Some of the courses Damelin Correspondence offers is: administration, accounting, management, marketing, IT management, multimedia, PC engineering, law and security courses, draughting, mechanical and electrical engineering courses, design, hospitality, interior design and many others. They also offer Grade 10,11 and 12 to those who did not complete high school or who wish to improve their matric results.

FYI: They also accept applications all year round so you can register whenever it suits you (score!)

Distance learning really is not as scary as it used to be. They are well equipped and offer their services to every type of person. It could be the answer to all of your questions. It is a win-win for anyone looking to work and study without giving up too much of their lives to do it.

So as you can see, it really is important

As you can see, distance learning is just as important as any other tertiary education. It could perhaps be more important as it reaches out to a larger group of people. Distance learning has many benefits as stated and it can make or change your life. So instead of believing the stereotype, do your research first and make the decision for yourself.

EduConnect 2cents

Don’t knock distance learning down before you try it. It may not be for everyone but it might just work for you, you never know how you might cope with a situation unless you’ve been in it before. If it does not work out, well you’ve still acquired knowledge on your chosen field and can help others make educated decisions about distance learning. Damelin Correspondence offers a variety of courses to suit your needs, as well as top-notch service and assistance. Give them a call and see if they can help you.

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