Tertiary Education is Important

tertiary education

Everyone says tertiary education is important. But what’s all the fuss about? Here follow some thoughts on the matter and why it may be good for you.

‘Hard work never killed anyone’, so the saying goes. Whether you believe this or not – that is a different story. With hard work come learning curves and eventually you will need to educate yourself in whichever field you find yourself in. You cannot forever fake it till you make it, someone may eventually catch you out! Therefore, it is particularly important to remember why and how tertiary education can contribute to your life.

“Knowledge is the eye of desire and can become the pilot of the soul.” – Will Durrant

Everyone has different opinions on the matter, but essentially it all comes down to the same point. No matter what age you are, it is a privilege to feed your brain with new knowledge and no one should ever stop doing this. Knowledge is the key to new ideas, can bring about change in the world and open new doors filled with opportunity.

Naturally, to get a tertiary education means you can study at various institutions, at a university or a college – the options are endless. Ultimately it is solely your decision to figure out where you want to find yourself and what works best for you. Don’t jump into studying just for the sake of studying. Jump in with the intention of gaining skills and gaining knowledge. Jump in knowing you will come out on the other side with an endless pool of new wisdom and confidence.

So why is tertiary education so important? Here are some reasons why:

1. You gain Factual Knowledge

When you leave high school you gain the fundamental knowledge to advance onwards in your life. To progress towards your ideal career choice and field means you might need factual knowledge and skills to get your foot in the door. This is often easier said than done, especially in countries where job opportunities are rare and competition is common on a day to day basis. Knowing your field in depth and delving deeper into theoretical and practical concepts will strengthen your abilities, and may even give you a better chance of finding a job.

2. You learn how to deal with other People and solve Problems

One of the best ways to learn about life is to expose yourself to different settings, new information and world issues that need solving. Tertiary education opens your eyes to interesting new ideas about the world and broadens your opinions on different matters. You learn how to communicate with other people, whether it be in groups or individually. To top it off you also gain a better sense of understanding in whatever it is you are studying to use it efficiently in your specified field, or just for life in general.

3. You stand out from the Crowd

By setting yourself apart from others, you ultimately increase your opportunities and increase your earning potential. If you know what you want, know the knowledge you want to gain and are inspired to put in the hours and work, acquire tertiary education. You could well be on your way to holding that piece of paper, which spells success, in your hands.

A Success Story from the Mouth of a Student

If you find yourself curious about the world and want to educate yourself further, here is a good example of what it might be like studying at an institution that focuses on marketing management.

Lindy Losper, currently doing her honours in IMM, studied at Aristotelian College of Marketing Management (ACMM) and is now a successful marketing manager for Metso.
Lindy obtained tuition support at Aristotelian College of Marketing Management (ACMM). ACMM is an independent tuition centre providing top quality tuition and support towards IMM GSM Marketing Management degrees. This support is in addition to the support received from the higher institution provider.

ACMM was founded in 1988 and has a proud record of success. A large proportion of students receiving tuition support from ACMM have achieved  Top Student awards, distinctions and good marks  in the exams of the higher education institution. Many now command senior positions in marketing and business administration in the industry and play a significant role in the economy of the country.

EduConnect chatted to Lindy and here’s what she had to say, “After careful consideration I chose to study at ACMM because it suited my needs. Mr Zachos has a very hands on approach. I hated the thought of paying for tuition and becoming a number with no actual benefit for me. I work full time, so my time to study is limited, therefore the time allocated needs to count and I need to make it work. With the guidance given at ACMM it was possible. I successfully passed every subject in my degree being a working mom of two young children.”

EduConnect managed to squeeze a few more answers out of Lindy (you’re in luck).

EduConnect: What sets ACMM apart from other institutions? And why?

Lindy: I personally think that they really do care about each student. Mr. Zachos has each student’s best interest at heart. For ACMM it is not about getting a full class but instead about students selecting the correct options for their futures.

EduConnect: What skills have you gained at ACMM? If so, how have they contributed to your life?

Lindy: I have learnt many skills, both theoretical and practical. I have enhanced my life due to these skills. In fact I have been promoted into a Management position. I feel that the education offered at ACMM is valuable, the lecturers are experienced and the institution offers personalized tuition.

EduConnect: What does it take to pursue a career in marketing management?

Lindy: What it comes down to is passion, hard work and perseverance.

EduConnect 2cents

Nonetheless, deciding to study at an institution or taking a gap year is still ultimately your choice. If you are serious about a future career in Marketing, we recommend ACMM. It’s tough out there and this is one way to set yourself apart from others. If this article on education doesn’t do it for you, read what our CEO, Jason Basel, has to say about why education is so important here.

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