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EduTech Africa 2018-01

As a teacher, you do far more than teach your learners about a specific subject. You are a mentor and a person who has the power to influence, inspire, and motivate. A great teacher strives to empower individuals with information that they may apply, investigate, and turn into knowledge for themselves. Use these resources as if they are your own. Email or call us if you have any questions. And, most importantly, inspire the next generation of thought leaders.


We’ve organised the most relevant information applicable to each grade to make it easy for you and your learners to read up on everything you need to know for their year. These are great for sharing with your learners and their parents, or for you to have an overview of the year for each grade. You can always come back to Teacher Resources by using the menu button. Pssst, it looks like a hamburger.

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Suggested Articles for Teachers

Top 10 Things To Do in Grahamstown

You don’t have to be a student to appreciate all the things to do in Grahamstown. While this small town is most well known for Rhodes University and the National Arts Festival, it holds many more hidden and eclectic activities. See my recommendations for the top ten activities in and around Grahamstown. Most are even affordable […]

Advice to Parents of Rhodes University Freshers

Any parent with a child moving away from home is going to be nervous about sending them out on their own. You’re going to want to help them wherever you can. In those few days, when you’re both in town there is quite a lot to sort out, so help will be needed. Here are […]

Introduction – for the Parents

Here is something for the parents out there.  Change is at hand and, as a parent, your role is both crucial and could be unappreciated – as expected. As your child enters high school or university, so come the underlying pressures for the NEXT STEP! Top of mind for many is the following: What is the school [...]

5 “Need-to-Knows” for Grade 12 Parents

Here are 5 things to help you as your child finishes Grade 12 and heads off to university. There are lots of things to think about so let’s get started.  

Relationships at Varsity: Yes or No?

Dating is first introduced to in school. Generally people start dating and experimenting in high school and this continues throughout university. Some people do it to find their forever person while some do it to have some fun. Are relationships at varsity a good idea for your academic performance and long-term success? When I started […]

We’re Creatures of Habit; Learners are no Exception

Habits are hard to start and tricky to break. Here are tips to encourage good habits in your child to help them develop into responsible, successful adults.