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“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” Mark van Doren

As a teacher, you do far more than teach your students about a specific subject. You are mentor, a person who has the power to influence, inspire, and motivate. A great teacher strives to empower individuals with information that they may apply, investigate, and turn into knowledge for themselves. With out Starter Packs, we contribute to the cause of enhancing the overall information pool that high school students need. We assist you in providing your students with practical, informative, and important information so that they may be fully prepared for the next stages of their education and life 🙂

Here are the High School & University Starter Packs in case you want to browse through them 🙂

Have a look at one or more of the following Starter Packs to find relevant content and information for a respective grade.

Grade 9 Starter Pack
Grade 10 Starter Pack
Grade 11 Starter Pack
Grade 12 Starter Pack
University Starter Pack

Suggested Articles for Teachers

Here are some useful articles to recommend to your learners – from making the right Grade 9 subject choice decisions, to the importance of applying to university early on to get a head start 🙂

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