“There are two gifts we should give our children. One is roots, and the other is wings.” Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

We all know how it goes. The school sends out newsletters and hosts evenings aimed to enlighten parents on the procedures happening at school. But you never get them. Unfortunately even the most diligent of kids let these slide by you and you are left completely oblivious(sometimes blissfully) to the events being hosted by the school. You find the newsletters crumpled up at the bottom of your child’s bag at the end of the term and they are now completely useless to you.

Unless your child tells you about these events and the information in the newsletters, you’ll never know what’s going on. We’ve got your back though. For your luxury we’ve put together a little package to help shed some light on some of the decisions and trials you and your child need to make at school in preparation for university or even to figure out what to do after school. We also added some extra information that no one ever tells you about, like when to let your child make decisions for themselves, and you end up learning the hard way.

Parents Advice

Just some info all parents need, straight from the mouth of a mother with first-hand experience.

We are Creatures of Habit and so is Your High Schooler
Know This before your Child starts University
How to set your Child up for Varsity Tutorial Series
5 Need-to-Knows before your child finishes Grade 12
You are still a Parent, even when Your Child is an Adult
Let Your Child be Themselves
Matric Past Exam Papers
For Parents of Matric Students

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