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In this article we discuss what it means to be an image advisor, what steps you can take to become one and skills that would help you in this career.

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Whether it’s in the business world or in your social life, people tend to make assumptions based on how you look and portray yourself. It sucks and it’s totally unfair but it’s true. A recent study by psychologists Alex Todorov and Janine Willis proves that it takes a tenth of a second to make a judgement about someone based on how they look. These are important judgements about whether that person is attractive, likeable and even trustworthy. Pretty much a swipe left or swipe right situation.

Unfortunately we can’t actually tell what kind of image we are portraying to others. But we can train ourselves to be presented in a positive manner that attracts people towards us. And Image Advisors are the right kind of people for the job.

What is an Image Advisor?

An Image Advisor or Image Consultant is a trained professional who is paid to assist various clients with their physical image and to improve their mannerisms (this is the way they carry themselves and their body language). They teach their customers about what clothes and colours suit their skin colour and body shape and what kind of make-up and hairstyles suit their facial features. Like the iconic makeover scene of Tia in Clueless.

They also help customers discover their personal brand or help them to recreate themselves by working on their behaviour and mannerisms. This would include behaviours like posture, a confident walk, how one uses language and etiquette. Think Mia in Princess Diaries.

Basically, image advisors can help their clients to improve their careers opportunities, their social life and even their love life. By exuding a confidence and positive atmosphere, you are more likely to attract people towards you.

Image advisors are your fairy Godmother and you’re about to become Cinderella at the ball, except you don’t have to leave at midnight.

What skills will help you as an Image Advisor?

Some things can be taught and some just come naturally. Never give up hope because with hard work and dedication – you can acquire these skills:

Being a people’s person

You work one on one with your clients and often deal with sensitive and emotional topics so you need to know how to handle these situations.

Organisational skills

You work with a schedule and need to get clothing, hairdressers and make-up together for each different customer.

Being creative

Working with a person’s image often means finding creative ways to make that person look better.


How you represent yourself sells your skills to your clients, if they find you to look successful they will trust you to make them a success.

Being a fashionista

Having a keen taste for fashion and keeping up with trends will give you an advantage in the field.

Being body wise

Knowing about different body shapes, face shapes and flattering colour pallets will help you to find the best possible ‘look’ for your clients.

Management Skills

How you manage your business determines whether it is a success or not. You need to know how to market your business and deal with the financial and administrative side of things.

Who will your clients be?

Your clients can consist of public speakers, people in the public eye or high society members. (omw I know famous people) But they could also consist of everyday people. These are the kinds of people who want to change or rediscover themselves or their look. People who want a make-over to improve their chances of getting a job or promotion or people who want to attract more friendships and relationships. And unlike in the movies, guys get makeovers too.

An image consultant can also deal with corporate organisations and their employees. Clients can be short term or stay with you and contract your services over many years. Therefore your relationship with your clients is one to be respected and cherished.

Remember: In this industry word of mouth can get you far.

How can you become an Image Advisor?

Image advisors are usually qualified hair and make-up stylists. This is because they have to change or recreate their clients ‘look’ themselves. They have a specific vision and they need the skills to achieve it. You wouldn’t hire an unqualified plumber to renovate your bathroom right? Well with that logic, you wouldn’t hire an unqualified person to renovate your looks.


Dermatech is a private training institution for hair, health and skincare.They are provisionally registered and accredited with the Department of Higher Education and Training. They apply a balance of theory and practice in classrooms and studio. The method of instruction is in English only.

Dermatech’s hairdressing qualification only takes 3 years and 3 steps to complete. A bonus is that after 18 months you can earn an income while you study (making moola all day!). It’s recommended that you finish Grade 12, but the minimum entry requirement is a Grade 10 certificate. It’s as easy as following these steps:

Step 1: Enroll as a student at Dermatech

Step 2: Work as an apprentice at a salon

Step 3: Write your Trade Test

What can I do with this qualification?

  • Hair Dressing Salon Management
  • Hair Salon Practitioner
  • Hair Stylist
  • Hair Dresser Consultant and Advisor
  • Image Advisor

This qualification is perfect if you want to become an image advisor because it not only teaches you about hair but about make-up too. It includes a management course that can help you to manage your own business. Be the Kris Jenner of management, you can do it. To check out exactly what courses you will study, follow this link and click on the full syllabus tab.

The greatest benefit of being an image advisor is the fact that you improve people’s lives every day. You get to use your skill and passion to uplift others, plus, you get paid to do it. And you’ll probably have loads of make-up. And clothes. And hair products. And you’d be able to make yourself look absolutely gorgeous in seconds… Uhm… Can I please get a supersize-d order of whatever they’re having?

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Through this career you can embark on a journey to discover yourself and to become a confident and successful individual. All the skills you have learnt, you can share with your community. Sharing is caring so you should probably share.

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This article is sponsored by Dermatech.  By completing this enquiry form you agree to Dermatech contacting you.

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