Sample Student Budgets

student budget

Real-life Student budgets for varsity students in South Africa. Whether going into Residence or Digs, this student budget guide will help you plan.

There are many changes in moving off to varsity, but don’t let the challenge of keeping on top of your expenses taint your life. Set down your income, cost out your expenses (see link Living Costs at University to better prepare your budget), set a budget on certain expenses and keep track weekly/monthly!

Here is our sample student budget to get you going:

Student Budget (per month) Min Average Luxury
RENT: Depending on the number of people sharing and area. 2200 3500 5000
FOOD: Meals at res: all meals at res 1800    
FOOD: Groceries for cooking: all meals at digs/flat 1600 2100 R2500,00+
FOOD: Takeaways and coffees 0 250 450
PERSONAL HYGIENE: Haircut 100 200 R250+
PERSONAL HYGIENE: Toiletries 100 200 400
CLUB/SPORTS: Gym 0 300 600
COMMUNICATIONS: Cell phone 30 200 500
SPENDING: Entertainment 0 300 R600,00+
SPENDING: Miscellaneous 150 250 R300,00+
Course costs- course costs are charged to the student account depending on the course, except for any extra things needed for projects. For B.Ed I would budget extra for projects (R500+ per year). Printing is also charged to the student account according to what is used. incl data costs: data costs are charged to the student account if you use the university’s system. They charge for what you use and are very reasonable. I live in a flat and use Vodacom for my Internet usage at home.
I pay R99 for 2Gb per month.

This is just a SAMPLE and the costs will vary greatly from student to student and needs. It would be wise to add a small entertainment budget to every budget. Every student needs and deserves a break between all of the studying and work. If you can’t afford it, there are many ways of relaxing at university WITHOUT spending money. Just go and explore your campus a bit.

EduConnect 2cents

Budgeting is essential for living on campus. Without it, you could easily over-spend on one thing which could leave you broke or without food for the rest of the month. Have fun, but be wise about how you do it and where you do it. Also, be wary of the SALE signs while walking through the mall. It is way too easy to overspend at a sale.

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