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Rodger Federer is not the only one giving us a reason to feel inspired this week. 

Rodger Chinhangue, a 16 year-old student at Imagine Scholar in Mpumalanga, is raising funds to build a solar power system for his school. Rodger’s CrowdRise campaign goal of $2,862 has reached over 30% so far. The funding will allow him to buy the necessary equipment and materials he needs to build a 2kw per hour solar system.

The system will result in an energy saving of 24kw per day and a 75% monetary saving of nearly R20 000 per year for the school.

To read more on Rodger’s story and passion project (and perhaps donate to his cause), head over to his CrowdRise campaign page. Otherwise, here’s some guidance on how to start your own project or business.

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