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Online Studying With Just a Few Clicks

by Staff Reporter


Free online study guides will help you to prepare for your upcoming exams. Read this article to find out more about some online sites and apps and how they can make online studying fun.

The exam date is looming before you and the only way to combat the stress that comes along with it is to throw yourself into a good study regime. Unfortunately, studying can be downright boring and tiresome. You tend to dedicate hours of slaving in front of your textbook and often, very little information is actually absorbed.

This is fast becoming a popular after school option!

But it doesn’t have to be boring. Using the internet is a great way to make sure that you’re attentive while you study. This will also help you to remember what you’ve studied. There are many sites available on the internet that are aimed at helping students study for tests or exams. What’s even more awesome is the fact that we have found and picked our top favourite FREE sites or apps to help you study more effectively.

The Perks of Online Studying

While making summaries and studying via textbook can be very effective, many students lose concentration easily and are left feeling discouraged. It is important to make studying as fun as possible and here are some perks that come with studying online:

  • Apps and online sites are custom-made to ensure productive learning.
  • The more visual the content the better your chances are of remembering what you have learnt.
  • You become more attentive while you learn and learning becomes fun.
  • Interactive learning increases your interest in the subject.
  • You can track how much time you’ve spent studying.
  • Some apps/ programmes can test your current knowledge.
  • Information is at the tip of your fingers.
  • It saves time, which means more time for studying.
  • It’s free!

Pass your upcoming end of year exams by prepping yourself. Try out these apps and online sites, they will change your study methods forever. It’s the 21st century – let’s study accordingly.

Free Online Study Guides

1. Get Organised with Schooltraq

Before you even attempt to hit the books you need to get organised. If you have a clear study regime mapped out you will save yourself a lot of wasted time and you’ll also stand less chance of procrastinating.

Schooltraq is an amazing app that can help you to keep track of your school subjects and all the assignments and events you have due for them. For example, under a subject like History, you can schedule an assignment – French Revolution essay. All assignments get stored according to the closest due date. You can tick the task when you’ve completed it and it even rates your productivity. You can also schedule events – like a History test, on a specific date and you will receive a reminder. If you are a busy bee, this app is perfect for you, it has a Reflex option where you can insert events or tasks in a hurry.

Use this app to set up a study regime by setting study goals for each subject and giving yourself a due date. For example, under Mathematics, read chapters 1-3 and test yourself online, due next week. This app can be downloaded via Google Play store on your phone AND it can be used on your laptop or computer.

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2. Learn While you Study With Shmoop

It’s easy to get lost in studying without actually learning anything. We tend to memorise information but we don’t always understand what it means or how to apply it. If you actually learn about the things you are unsure about, you will remember it better in the long run.

Shmoop is an online learning platform. They don’t just display information but they actually teach you about the topic you’ve selected. Besides teaching you via notes and videos they also have tests from various syllabuses. What’s nice about this site is the fact that they explain their content in simple terms and they crack a few jokes here and there. They also have everything you might need on one site, which saves you from having to click between tabs.

3. Ask Questions With WolframAlpha

I remember one of my teachers’ profound statements:

“If you never ask the question you’ll never know the answer.”

Sounds quite obvious but have you ever wondered how much of a smartypants you would have been if you asked the questions that plagued your mind?

WolframAlpha answers your questions but also gives you statistics, data, charts and graphs that display relevant information. Not only does this site give you definitions and information but this site is great for projects and research. Double check facts before you study or expand on your knowledge. This platform also offers many apps, from education to personal, which all share facts at the click of a button.

4. Take Notes With Sparknotes

You don’t have to spend hours summarising and looking up information. Believe it or not but there’s a website that has tons of notes that you can use to help you study.

Sparknotes helps you to break up the bulk of your study load by categorising all their information. Not only can you choose from their wide range of school subjects but you can also choose a topic and they will give you notes for it. For example, under the subject of biology, they have topics that deal with cellular structure, plant life, animal behaviour and many more. Under these topics, they become even more specific by outlining modules. This site saves you precious time that you would’ve spent on making notes and prevents you from studying unnecessary topics. This platform also has videos you can watch and learn from as well as tests you can take.

5. Cram it in With Quizlet

Sometimes we just need to cram in some words and definitions the old-fashioned parrot way. Flash cards are known to assist memory, especially in these last-minute study sessions.

Amongst other things, Quizlet focuses on flashcards. Not only can you customise your own flashcards with pictures and audio recordings, but you can also save your various themed study sets. This platform also allows you to keep your flashcards private or share them. You have access to study material over a broad range of topics so you don’t need to do all the work yourself, others have helped you. The perk of this site is that you can invite fellow students to join your ‘study set’ so that all the information is shared. You can even save your flashcards to your phone.

Need Help With Projects Too?

Whether it’s essays, research projects or a book review, there are programmes to help you cope with your assignments.

1. Get Started With Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most beneficial sites which helps you to work without distraction. Due to the fact that you do the assignment on their platform, there is less chance of you switching between tabs. This site also helps you with the layout of various assignments as it offers many templates that you can choose from.

2. Reference with Cite This For Me

If you are doing a project that requires referencing you can use Cite This For Me to make sure you have referenced your information in the right style. This site has many referencing styles on their system. You can add information for references manually or let the programme check the sources. You can also save your reference list and copy and paste it (as well as in-text references).

3. Check for Plagiarism With Turnitin

You submit your document to Turnitin and they run it through their systems to check if there is any plagiarised content.

Beware The Temptation!

When it comes to studying over the internet, accessibility is both a strength and a flaw. Although we can access information to help us study, we can also get distracted by the internet. In the end, one needs self-control to stick to the educational tabs and not to be tempted by social media. Here are some tips to help prevent yourself from straying to the dark side:

  • During exam time, hide your social media bookmarks so that they aren’t the first things you see when you open Google.
  • Time yourself. Your mother’s egg timer works perfectly fine and makes a loud noise that you will look forward to hearing. Don’t use your phone as a timer, you’ll just get even more distracted. In fact, put your phone on silent and in a hard to reach place.
  • Reward yourself. Treat yourself when you meet study goals on time without getting distracted. Some positive reinforcement will help motivate you.

Try some of these scrumptious snacks as a reward that will boost your concentration. (Score!)

EduConnect 2Cents

At the end of the day, the way you study depends on how you learn best. Find out what kind of learner you are and customise your apps and online sites. Some are visual learners and others are mathematical. The list goes on but whichever you are, play to that advantage.

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