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New in Town: SACAP’s Durban Campus

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Have you got an interest in people and the workings of the human mind? Well, the study of psychology with SACAP could be for you. Best part: it’s not too late to apply for studies next year.

SACAP (the South African College of Applied Psychology) has opened its fifth campus. This time, they have branched out and planted roots in Durban.

Make the SACAP Circle Bigger

When it comes to finding a place of study, it’s no secret that Durban has limited options. There are only two public universities in the greater Durban metropolitan area with its population of 3.8 million. By contrast, Pretoria’s population of 2.1 million has access to 5 public universities. Clearly, Durban is in need of growth in the education space.

“With its new 21st Century learning campus, SACAP is highlighting the vital role that private institutions are playing to increase access to higher education while the capacity of public universities falls short of meeting demand,”

says SACAP CEO, Lance Katz.


SACAP is Making Waves

If you are wondering what sets SACAP apart from other institutions, wonder no more. SACAP has a history of adding diversity to South Africa’s higher education ecosystem. The college was established more than 20 years ago so that is a lot history making.

SACAP provides students with the opportunity to dive into careers such as psychology, counseling, coaching and Human Resources (HR). The college has campuses in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, online and now in Durban.


The school believes in the power of small classes and allowing for an interactive learning space. Think in-class debates, sharing knowledge, one-on-one discussions and establishing a connection with your educators.

This structure is all about growing your understanding of the content and allowing you the opportunity to apply what you know. You can sort out any course issues you have right then and there in class so there’s no chance of being left behind. So tertiary education is not all dull and daunting.

SACAP has actually designed its new campus based on the belief that interaction and connectivity go a long way in creating an optimal learning environment.

The Durban Campus

The college’s brand new campus has been uniquely designed to incorporate cool areas where conversation is not only made easy but also comfortable. Phillip Wyatt, Director at InHouse Brand Architects, designed the buildings and says,

Coffee bars, lounge and library pods, a game area and numerous quiet reflection spaces are all integrated to enable students to come together easily in different ways, and also find their own special places to be on campus.”

The campus is located in Morningside, Berea and has a sea view. Hello, after-class beach sessions! There is also a fresh, modern feel to SACAP’s newest campus that is next level. Campus goals!    


Let me in

If Durban is your hometown and you’re a wannabe psych student, this is your opportunity to study at a dynamic institution on a rad, new campus.

Courses that are on offer include Bachelor of Applied Social Science (majoring in Psychology and Counselling), a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (majoring in Human Resource Management and Psychology), Bachelor of Social Science Honours (Psychology) and a Higher Certificate in Counselling & Communication Skills.


SACAP Durban campus is open to admissions from October 2018. Make your move and apply.

EduConnect 2Cents

SACAP is passionate about growing mental health experts and they don’t hold back when it comes to providing quality education. The Durban campus is the ultimate study arena. Trust us. We’ve seen it with our own eyes.

KZN, SACAP is coming for you! Check out our live coverage of the Durban Campus Open Day on social media here: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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