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Matric Results

Worried about how you’re going to check your matric results on the 5th of January 2017? We have each method explained here, so that you don’t need to worry. 

Matric exams are officially over, matric weekend has been celebrated and now to find out the matric results… The release of the matric results on the 5th of January in 2017 seems like a far off reality. The last thing you need to worry about is figuring out HOW you’re going to check your results as soon as they’re released. 

Have no fear. We’re here to help.

Ways to Check your Matric Results

There are a few different ways of obtaining your results. Choose the method which is easiest for you and follow the guidelines we provide here 🙂

TAKE NOTE: Matric results are released on the 5th of January in 2017.

Department of Basic Education

One of the first ways to obtain your results is to log onto the Department of Basic Education’s website below. If you attended a public/government school, then your results will definitely be available on this site. 

You will need the following to log in:

  • Exam number (don’t misplace this during the holiday!)
  • Home Language
  • Your personal details (name, surname, etc.)

The Newspaper

Your results will be published in the Newspaper on the day of the results release. It will be in all of the big Newspaper brands, like The Rapport, The Argus and The Star. News24 will also have it available online. 

Remember it will not be your full results. It will just state whether or not you passed and with what symbol you passed – B for Bachelors Pass, D for Diploma, etc. 

Your High School

Two days after the initial results are released, your school will give you your results. This is not the official matric certificate, it is just your results for each subject. You will be able to fetch your official matric certificate in a few months – once it has been printed in full. If you are eager about exact dates you should contact your school to find out further information. 

Your Cellphone

You can use your cellphone (or someone else’s) to receive your results. SABC has a News Break Matric Results Service which allows you to receive your results as soon as they’re released. 

Follow these steps to sign up for the service:

  • SMS your exam number and ID number to 35658
  • There is a once-off cost of R3 when you register
  • As soon as the Department releases the results – you will get your results via sms immediately

Make a Call

You could also opt for the old-school method by giving the department a call on the day that the results are released. Just take note that a lot of matric students will be phoning to find out their results so you might wait for quite a while to get your results. 

Dial 082 152 for your results.

Here at EduConnect we wish you the best of luck with your results, your future studies and career. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask us!

If you end up not passing matric or didn’t receive the results you wanted – don’t worry. There are many options for you. You can use an alternative route to obtain your NQF 4, do a bridging course, study an extended degree programme or take a gap year to figure your options out.

We’re here to help and guide you all the way!

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