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Maths Pass Mark Drops

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“Don’t do it, Debbie”

“Do what?” (*Pushes button*)

The Mathematics pass rate for grades 7-9 was recently dropped from 40% to 20%, thanks to “Debbie”, the Department of Basic Education (DBE). This despite the majority of teachers opposing the decision.

The call was made to “condone” students who failed to meet the 40% “pass” requirement. A result of the DBE hearing reports of poor mathematics grades across the country.

Wait, let’s just think about that.

  • Debbie hears that learners are failing to understand less than half of the mathematics curriculum, which is already pretty weak in a global comparison.
  • Debbie realizes that this means many learners could fail the year.
  • Debbie comes up with a genius plan to drop the pass rate so that learners only have to understand a fifth of the curriculum to get through.

In all fairness, Debs, we understand that you don’t want a whole bunch of learners staying back a year. But seriously, we’ve got to stop dropping standards and start raising our learners up!

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