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Lights out? Load Shedding Solutions for Students

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Load shedding is a reality in South Africa and a problem for students working late at night. You need light to study – effective light. Here are some load shedding solutions for you.

It’s a Tuesday night after a long day of lectures. You’re lining up the last three chapters before the exam tomorrow morning. Everything is going according to plan. Nothing can stand in your way. Until the lights go out… We’ve all been there – when the dreaded load shedding hits you at the most inconvenient of times. Some things, like eating, jolling, or even exercise can still go on, but some things you’ll still need light for – varsity work and studying is definitely on that list.

With the current Eskom crisis not showing much light at the end of the tunnel (no pun intended), we need to make alternative plans to keep doing what we need to without constant electricity supply. The outlook for these problems is looking fairly bleak, and likely something that we’re going to have to live with for a while. With Eskom getting more accurate in their scheduling, there are a number of App’s available across smartphone platforms that can help to stay up to date with the schedule, and anticipate the blackout. Some Apps include Gridwatch and MyEskom which are all available for download on Android, IOS and the web.

What options can save me from the darkness?

Candles are romantic, and they provide a bit of light – but that sort of light is best served with some John Legend and a hot date. You need real light – like enough light to read with. There’s a nifty little answer to this problem with the name of LoadShedding Solutions. It combines the modern wonders of LED lighting technology, with the awesomely-convenient, and battery rescuing abilities of a Power Bank (so you can have enough battery power to run the load shedding application on your phone). The LoadShedding Solution device delivers effective lighting (comfortably lighting a 30m2 room – without the flickers and fire-risk of a candle), giving you enough light to read with, and get your varsity work done.

The product has the following specifications:

Power Bank:

lights out









– Portable mobile device charger / USB device power supply
– 2200m Ah Lithium ion battery
– Size: 9.5(l) x 2.2(w) x 2.2(h)
– Robust, stylish Aluminium casing
– Input Current: 5V/500mA
– Output Current: 5V/1000mA
– Discharge Time: 2 hours+


LED USB Light bulb:

lights out

– 5 Watt LED
– Plastic casing – low temperature, robust & lightweight
– Daylight White colour light
– 1 meter cord
– USB connection
– Hook on casing allowing for easy hanging


You have to see this handy little lighting and mobile device charging solution in action to really appreciate the benefits. From a lighting perspective, the power bank gives you 2 hours plus off the bat. This improves as you go through a few discharge and recharge cycles of the power bank’s battery – at peak performance this exceeds 2 and half hours – not to forget though that you can power the light bulb from any USB power source, such as a laptop. And with the advent of battery hungry smart phones and tablets, the power bank can be used on its own to charge your devices, or give you that boost you need – boasting one and a half full charges on an iPhone 5.

How do I get one?

LoadShedding Solutions are sold through Takealot.com at the low low price of R275.00, including delivery to your door. You can order through Takealot.com and get it delivered to you or you can contact LoadShedding Solutions directly on loadsheddingsolutions011@gmail.com or 083 382 5295 / 084 735 8557. More details and pictures are available on their Facebook page as well.

EduConnect 2cents

Load shedding has a drastic impact on the country as a whole, and seriously impacts you as a student. These are not insurmountable issues though. Staying positive, prepared, empowered to make a plan and to have the motivation to get things done will keep that light burning at the end of the tunnel. Coming from the EduConnect team we can tell you that these nifty lighting solutions have definitely helped us out in the darkest hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the LoadShedding Solution going to help me in my daily student life?

Keeping the power bank charged and with you on campus (or wherever you might be) will give you the convenience of never having to dread your phone battery life approaching zero – you might say you’ve got some backup. With our power utility being, ummm, unreliable, the need for an alternative lighting source is necessary – this solves that need in a convenient, and funky way.

Will I need any accessories to make full use of the product?

Absolutely not. The design of the light bulb on a cord plugged into the power bank allows you to hang it over a hook / curtain rail / book shelf etc., anywhere where you need light. It can even be hung around your neck if you need to carry things and your hands are full (that wouldn’t be a surprising sight at OpiKoppi come to think of it).

Where else can I use the LoadShedding Solution?

Its handy for internal use as mentioned, and can be used outside at a braai, when going camping, in the unfortunate position of having to change a car tyre on the side of the road – pretty much anywhere where you need a bit of light to get the job done.

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