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What’s a BA in Film & Media about?

November 29, 2018

Let’s begin by explaining what it means to study a Bachelor of Arts Degree. The Bachelor of Arts Degree falls under the Humanities Faculty. This faculty has a variety of degrees to choose from to be able to partake in a range of humanities careers.

What Does it Mean to Study Humanities?

The Humanities field of study explores how human beings live and process the human experience on planet Earth. This includes understanding literature, language, culture, art, music, history, philosophy and religion to develop a global perspective on the way the world works.

The general BA degree and BSocSc degree will require you to choose majors and depending on the majors you’ve chosen, that will determine what careers you could follow and what your salary potential can be.

Courses: Film and Media Infographic

Focusing on the BA Film & Media Specialisation

Within the general Humanities faculty, students can apply for various Film and Media streams. At some institutions these streams consist of Film and Media production courses in film, radio, interactive media, screenwriting or print journalism. This also varies from institution to institution. For example at the University of Cape Town students can only apply for production streams during the course of the second year of their studies.

A Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Production allows you to learn a range of skills to help you prepare for a career in the film or media industry. You will be required to do theoretical as well as production-based learning using a range of mediums, such as documentary, fiction short films, music videos and filmmaking. Within this qualification you’ll also be able to specialise in certain production streams such as screenwriting, print journalism, cinematography, sound design, post production, studio production and others.

The qualification focuses on exploring different mediums which can be used within the film and media industries. Some of these mediums in the film industry include documentary, fiction short films, music videos and filmmaking. In the media industry some of the mediums include digital media, print media, radio etc.

“Studying a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Media Studies not only equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of how the media worked in South Africa and abroad, but also provided me with the skills to unpack, understand, design, and create meaning in mediums such as newspapers all the way to feature films.

A degree in Film and Media Studies not only teaches how to deliver creative media from concept to final product, but also instructs how to question and learn in South African context. Students can expect to learn a varied number of skills ranging from how to prepare an interview, take powerful photographs, how they can assemble news footage, or design and layout a magazine ready to hit store shelves.

In a time where much of how we think, act, and do is defined by what we presume, feel, and know, I think there are few degrees that prepare the media leaders of tomorrow with the necessary skills to seek truth and create meaning.

For students ready to explore arenas such as politics, entertainment, or sports in sound, screen, and stage, I can’t imagine a better degree choice that would equip you for the wider world.”

Bryan Smith (BA Film & Media Production, specialisation in Print Journalism; Honours in Media Theory & Practice)

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