3SDC Law Interest

This can be a touchy subject, especially if you disagree with certain laws, or you feel like it has let you down in the past. You can love law or hate it, but the fact is, it’s there.

If you’re into law, you probably have a thirst for justice and fixing the wrong in the world. You dream of putting criminals behind bars and figuring out the perfect solution for a court case. You might even imagine your life as Herve Spectre and Mike Ross from Suits. The dream is great, but to get there takes hard work, passion and a lot of studying. Throw in some Latin too.

If you like the world of law, you might also want to explore problem solving, practical work, and social science, because law is by no means confined to the court room – it can be both office and field work, and focus on specialities like human rights violations, copy right infringement, divorce, or corruption.

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