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Kids these days…

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The more we hear these kinds of stories the more we feel guilty about the hours we spent playing Tazos in primary school.

14-year old Hjalmar Rall from Riebeek Kasteel has been accepted to study physics at the University of Pretoria this year. Take a minute to absorb that.

Rall, who has expressed particular interest in theoretical and astrophysics, attributes his success to his interest and passion for science. He says, “as long as it’s not boring, I’ll do it.” Rall was homeschooled by his parents, giving him the freedom to learn at his own pace.

Rall is lucky, having found his passion very early on, but most people find it much harder to decide what to do. For those still looking for inspiration, we’ve got an epic tutorial series to help you get a better idea. 

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