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Career guidance is the most effective resource a student has at their fingertips to assist them with course guidance to help ensure job guarantee, use it!

Career Guidance at University

Want to find out how to guarantee yourself a job? Many times we hear that there are no jobs for our graduates but as stated in the article “Graduate Jobs?”, there are jobs but employers are wanting competent, contributing employees from the get-go. It’s not enough to have a great education. The graduate also needs to have further competencies to be an effective and desirable employee. These small steps will help the student to become an effective graduate to fulfill their own career ambitions.

Academic Support Services/ Career Guidance/ Career Development Services: dry terminology which doesn’t exactly elicit much excitement. However, this is a very effective resource offered by universities to enhance the quality of their graduates and to ensure they are well equipped for the big, opportune world!

What to Remember about University?

The first year at university is about exploring

What am I enjoying about my course or subject content? Should I be seeing a career advisor to either change course or to ensure I am on the right path? Nothing is set in stone at this stage, so now is the time to change courses if necessary.

The middle years at university is about building

How am I performing academically? Do I need strategies to help me stay on course, or to get more out of my studies? What achievements and skills am I learning? This should be a time of self-awareness. Build networks. Be clear about your strengths and weaknesses. The Careers Development Centres at all the universities offer either free or very low-cost courses, like Time Management.

In the lead up to the last year of your time at university, decisions need to be made

What do I need to take me into the next stage of my life? Am I going to do post-graduate studies, an internship, look for a job? Now would be the time to delve into career counseling for a CV and interview strategies.
Many Counselling Centres at universities assist in CV preparations, do mock interviews, organise career exhibitions with actual interviews set up with prospective employers.

University Career and Job Counselling Centres

Engage with your University Career and Job Counselling Centre. Listed below are a few Counselling Centres you can seek guidance:

1. University of Johannesburg:

Centre for Psychological Services and Career Development (PsyCaD)
Amongst other services, they cover a variety of assessments including career assessment and guidance counseling. They also offer a number of graduate Recruitment Programmes throughout the year.
011 559 4441/

2. University of Cape Town:

Careers Service is well equipped and a very informative Centre but once again needs YOU to engage in order to be effective. They offer advice, information and practical assistance in a variety of different forms.
021 650-2497/

3. University of Witwatersrand:

Counselling and Careers Development Unit (CCDU)
They have interesting short courses like Stress Management etc and a great graduate Recruitment Programme. Amongst other things they offer career Counselling interviews; Info on job search skills, Careers expo, Psychometric Assessment Programme; Life/Graduate Coaching
011 717 9140/

4. University of Stellenbosch:

Centre for Student Counselling
They have Development work sessions with small workshop fees of between R10 –R120 which include subjects like time management.
021 808 4707/

or for General Career Development and assistance: Their “aim is to expose students to the most recent information of the world of work, as well as to develop career development skills”.
021 808 3568/

For more information on Career Assistance and Development look on your university website.

EduConnect 2Cents

Don’t drift through your Tertiary education. Use every chance to make an investment in the person you want to become. Take any job, even the less than perfect job, as it will, in turn, lead to new opportunities, new jobs, and new experiences. It will grow your experience, your expertise and at the very least, will lead you to know what you DON’T want. Once you have this education, it will open doors for you. Stride through those doors purposefully.

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