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Is it Nasfuss?

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The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) recently sent about 2000 eligible students packing with zero options for funding. Crushing dreams since ’99.

Okay, before we start hurling regrettable remarks their way, here’s some perspective: just over 399 000 students have been granted funding for the 2017 academic year. Pretty decent. Plus, there’s the fact that NSFAS can’t fund everyone.   

However, of the 9000 students whose funding applications were unsuccessful, some 5600 appealed the rejection. Appeals were just flying in from left, right and Johannesburg (the majority of discontent came from students at the University of Johannesburg).

Nearly 700 of these appeals have been approved so far. So, if you do the math (9000-5600-700), you’ll notice that the chaps at “nisfis” have still got some work to do.

Just remember, “nasfits” isn’t the only way to fund your studies.

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