International Day of the Girl Child – Why it Matters

international day of the girl child

Today, October 11, marks International Day of the Girl. Empowering and uplifting girls to become confident, strong leaders is key to global success. Let’s take a stand today.

If you’re anything like me, you only heard about International Day of the Girl Child when you clicked on your Facebook app this morning and Facebook congratulated you. Just one moment out of many that technology and social media truly show their true capabilities – educating us on real, important matters.

So what is this day for?

After some Googling and research, I discovered that this day is actually pretty significant and everyone should know about it. As we’re all aware, women and girls have been oppressed for centuries by a patriarchal society. Things have been getting better, but many girls have never, and may never, experience the encouragement and/or opportunity of reaching for higher, better things. Especially in leadership roles.

This day is all about creating awareness about the importance of empowering girls across the globe. Whether oppression is real to you or not, millions of girls are still sitting in a situation where they face unequal rights due to their sex. They face inequality in education, legal rights, healthcare, discrimination and scarily, forced marriages between a girl child and an adult male.

Take action

Whether you’re male or female, young or old, black or white, it doesn’t matter, we all need to take a stand for girls. For those facing a future of abuse and mistreatment, for those who will never have the opportunity to be successful in their dream career, for those who will never get the opportunity to pursue tertiary education (or even foundational education), for those who are overlooked and forgotten.

The future of this world is in all of our hands. Empowering girls and raising a generation of strong, confident women is key to success.

Share this post, other articles and videos on International Day of the Girl Child. If you feel it within you, volunteer at an organization that empowers girls in your community. Be more aware of your surroundings – if you see a girl who is in a desperate situation, consider helping her if you feel like you should and if you have the ability to realistically do it.

Whatever you feel is right, do it. Take a stand. As a female, I am truly grateful for the men who treated me as equals and encourage me to aim for the best. Let’s do that for someone else.

How can you help?

For ideas on how you can help or more information, go here:

Happy International Day of the Girl Child!

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