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Holiday Workshops – Getting Creative with OWI

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Holiday time has arrived. As much as we need to rest, sometimes we can get a little bored. Here is a fun and productive way to spend your holidays with Open Window Institute.

Whether you’re in high school, university or you’ve already embraced  the working life – holidays can get a little long and boring. If you’re anything like me – sitting at home and watching series or going to the mall every now and then becomes dull and dreary. Frustration levels peak at an all time high.

Introducing the Open Window Institute holiday workshops! These workshops were designed and made to equip students of all ages with some of the necessary skills required in the creative industry. These workshops won’t leave you with a qualification, but you can definitely add the skill to your CV and apply the knowledge throughout your work.

At the moment, OWI have the following four workshops available:

[/vc_column_text][cs_iconbox icon_size=”md” title=”3D Animation” icon=”fa-desktop” icon_color=”#6e6e6e” title_color=”#141a46″]

Every animation you see on movies and cartoons was created by an animator. They give life to pictures and drawings so that they seem like they’re real and alive.

[/cs_iconbox][cs_iconbox icon_size=”md” title=”Cellphone Photography” icon=”im-mobile” icon_color=”#4442c9″ title_color=”#141a46″]

With the rise of the selfie nation, this course is definitely a big one. You don’t need a huge, fancy camera to capture beautiful scenery and moments. You just need to be able to utilise the equipment you have and put it to the best possible use – this course teaches you how to the make the best out of what you have.

[/cs_iconbox][cs_iconbox icon_size=”md” title=”Illustration” icon=”im-pencil6″ icon_color=”#d9534f” title_color=”#141a46″]

Illustrating an image or picture is all about the way in which it communicates with the viewer. This course will teach you how to communicate your idea across effectively.

[/cs_iconbox][cs_iconbox icon_size=”md” title=”Motion Design” icon=”im-accessibility” icon_color=”#f0ad4e” title_color=”#141a46″]

This is where all of the magic happens. All elements of a film are put together by a motion designer who combines pictures, words, sounds  and video into 2D and 3D animation elements. You will be taught how to do this effectively to visually communicate with your audience.


Some Details

Right about now you may be itching to contact OWI and book a space at their next workshop… BUT the idea of pricing is probably deterring you quite a bit.

Have no fear! These courses are offered at an extremely reasonable price and aren’t as time consuming as you may think.

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Course fee: R400

Duration: 3 hours (9am until noon)

Register: Just hop on over to their website and register online.


You can now take a deep breath of relief. These courses might only take up 3 hours of your extremely long holiday, but the concepts and skills you will learn will keep you occupied for hours afterwards. You might find yourself playing around with different things and creating your own little holiday project.

A holiday can be fun AND productive. Just because you’re technically going to an institution to learn doesn’t mean you’re defying the point of a holiday. You’re making the best out of your holiday, adding to your CV and your knowledge. Imagine the beautiful images and videos you can create in your vast amount of holiday time!

EduConnect 2Cents

As you may have realised, here at EduConnect we really encourage students of all ages to partake in internships, volunteering and job shadowing to gain experience and add to your CV. This OWI holiday workshop is no different. You’ll meet like-minded, creatives and you may just form some new friendships. It’s a win-win.


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