Teacher, parent or learner, here is everything you need to know about choosing Grade 10 subjects.

The time has come. You are in high school and need to decide which subjects you will take. But how do you know which subjects to choose in order to meet all the prerequisites for your future varsity degree? Annique writes about her experience.

As soon as I had the chance in high school, I dropped Maths like a hot, nasty potato and made French one of my main subjects instead (at the German School, this meant that Maths wasn’t part of my final exams). When I made that choice, I was focusing purely on what would get me through Matric and Abitur (the ‘German Matric’), because quite honestly, Maths was the absolute end of me and I was more than happy to neglect it. At that point, I didn’t really think about how this might influence my future university career and my wish to study Psychology, nor was I very proactive in enquiring about it.

When the time came to apply for Psychology, I was told that the only way I’d be accepted is if I did an additional year of Maths, because my Maths mark was so bad (no surprise there…), and Psychology requires Maths for Statistics. I remember that day well, and I just said to myself – well, if that’s the case, I better look for something else to study! Funny enough, this set-back ended up being exactly what I needed…

Grade 9 – Making the Right Choice

In South Africa, each Grade 9 student comes face to face with the decision of choosing specific subjects that they will continue to study until the end of Matric. Like in my case, some scholars base their decision purely on personal interest in or preference of certain subjects, or on how strong they are in them. This choice is, by all means, an option if you are a scholar who is sure that your choice won’t influence your future studies or job in a disadvantageous way – or, if you have no cooking clue what you want to do after school.

For students who plan to go to university and who know exactly what they want to study, the decision is more crucial, as the subjects chosen in high school can have an important, if not essential, impact on your varsity career. If you have a decent idea of what you want to study, then be sure to enquire about the prerequisites for acceptance into the specific degree or university subjects. Do this before you make your choice! Take a look at our EduMatch page.

Subjects, Degrees, and Career Paths

To be able to qualify for your NSC Matric at South African schools in general, you will need 7 subjects in total, and obtain the minimum pass rate for each. 4 of these subjects are compulsory: 1 Home Language, 1 Second Language, Life Orientation and a choice between Pure Maths and Maths Literacy. The remaining 3 are yours to choose!

Pass Rates and Score Allocations

The minimum pass rate for subjects in high school is between 30% and 40%, but this is only to qualify for an NSC Matric! In order to be accepted at a university, you will need to pass certain subjects with much higher marks. To find out the exact minimum percentage you need to get in a specific subject, you need to look up the admissions policies of the university to which you wish to apply – their undergraduate prospectus will tell you exactly what point score (ie. what marks) you need to apply to the various faculties.

Which School Subjects for Which Faculty?

Here’s my advice:  In the table below you can run through a bunch of subjects and check out exactly what career paths these subjects could help you with. But the final choice is YOUR call.

REMEMBER, what you choose in high school DOESN’T determine what career you will find yourself in, but it can help get you into the career you wish to pursue (at least the one you are currently keen on pursuing). In the end, life may take you in a totally different direction, and you may change your mind about what (and if) you want to study and which career is interesting to you.

Subject Group at school (recommended choices in addition to the 4 compulsory subjects)

Field of Study at university


Career Paths    


Human & Social Studies 

(Geography, History, Religious Studies)

  • Humanities subjects (e.g. Languages, Arts, Social Sciences, Psychology, Education, Philosophy, Journalism, Law)

Business, Commerce, & Management Studies

(Accounting, Business Science, Economics)



(Consumer Studies, Hospitality Studies, Tourism)

(FYI, services imply jobs where you help or work for someone, e.g. banking, cleaning, chauffeuring)


  • Tour Operator
  • Chef
  • Hotel or Guesthouse Manager
  • Airline or Cruise Ship Cabin Crew

Arts & Culture 

(Dance Studies, Design, Drama, Visual Arts)

  • Fine Art or Photography
  • Drama & Theatre or Acting
  • Dance
  • Design (e.g. Fashion, Graphics)
  • Fine Artist or Musician
  • Performer or Entertainer
  • Graphic or Fashion Designer
  • Architect

Engineering & Technology 

(Civil Technology, Electrical Technology, Engineering and Graphic Design, Mechanical Technology)

(and Sciences)

  • Engineering (e.g. Mechatronic, Mechanic, Civil, Electronic)


  • Engineer
  • Medical Technologist

Agricultural Science 

(Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural management Practices, Agricultural Technology)

  • Agricultural Studies
  • Farmer
  • Winemaker
  • Nature Conservationist
  • Landscape Engineer

Sciences & IT

(Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Computer Applications, Information Technology)

  • Health and Medical Sciences (e.g. Marine Biology, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Doctor, Psychiatry)
  • Computer Sciences and Technology
  • Physio– or Speech Therapist
  • Doctor or Biologist
  • Engineer
  • Program Developer
  • Software Technician


A Quick Note on Maths Lit…

Before you decide to opt for Maths Lit instead of Pure Maths, it is very important for you to make sure which of the two you will need for your tertiary studies. Most degrees and university studies require Pure Maths. This doesn’t mean that you can’t study if you choose Maths Lit, but it does limit your choices. Make sure to be well-informed about application prerequisites for your desired field of study.


Back to my story… When I realized I couldn’t study psychology, I decided to do a general BA instead, with focus on Film & Media, and various interdisciplinary electives on the side. In 2nd Year I specialized in Screenwriting and after my undergrad, I went on to complete an academic Honours dissertation.

The thing is, my true passion and talents (I say this with humility), are research and writing. It has always been that way. In high school, I won Creative Writing awards and had top essay marks.  So even though I was and still am intrigued by Psychology, I actually ended up studying something that compliments my strengths and talents.

This doesn’t mean it was clever of me to neglect Maths and be ignorant of certain application prerequisites. You should absolutely enquire about these things, as it can be essential to have taken on certain subjects in school. The point I’m trying to make is that even though we have to start thinking about our futures when we choose our subjects in Grade 9, it doesn’t necessarily predetermine anything. You might change your mind completely about what you want to do after school. You might even change your mind during the course of your studies, or have a total and unexpected career change as an adult (no, I’m not implying a mid-life crisis). In our day and age, these things happen all the time, and it’s okay!

Whatever the case may be, do your best in all your subjects, also the ones you don’t like – precisely because you never know when the knowledge you gained might come in handy or pay off.

Some Tips:

  • Before choosing your subjects, talk to a school or career counselor who can assist or advise you. Have a look at an article from a Wits Career Guidance expert at Wits.
  • Try to contact someone in the profession you wish to pursue and ask them about their education and the steps they took to get to where they are
  • Job shadowing! It’s one of the best things you can do to see if your dream job is in fact a dream, or rather a delusion – or… a flat-out nightmare (trust me, this happens, and job shadowing can sometimes make you dodge a bullet)

EduConnect 2cents

We know this can be easier said than done, but study what you love, because chances are it’s exactly what you’re good at. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn what your strengths and weaknesses are, and to be truthful to yourself about it.  Don’t choose something that will be a struggle from day one and make you miserable. Ask yourself what you do well, what you enjoy, as well as what stimulates you spiritually and intellectually – then go after it! Have a look at what career options are out in the world here. 

348 thoughts on “Grade 9 – How to choose the Right High School Subjects?”

  1. Please ignore previous post. Website put my address in the comment window and I submitted in error.
    The info on choosing subjects, by A Bollinger is exactly what I was looking for, specifically the math core or math lit section.
    My granddaughter is good at math and has taken math core (pure – now doing Grade 10) but stressing about being able to keep her marks up to passing level even at the minimum standard. We don’t want to force her to do anything that she is not enjoying even though her aptitude for it seems good.
    She doesn’t have any clear idea of what career path she wants to take yet so reading the article has been very helpful.
    Thanks EduConnect!

  2. Hi Terry. I am so happy that the article has been helpful to you. Thank you for your message 🙂 I’m sure your granddaughter will find the right career path in her own time. In the meanwhile I wish her all the best for her current high school career! Annique

  3. Hi Elvis, if you want to study business the best subjects to take after grade 9 would be accounting, business studies or economics (if your school offers any of these subjects). Of course don’t forget you need to take your compulsory subjects: 1 Home Language, 1 Second Language, Life Orientation and a choice between Pure Maths and Maths Literacy. I’d suggest chatting to your teachers about improving your economics marks. If studying business is your dream then not all hope is lost – you can work hard and make your dreams a reality. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it 🙂
    Good luck!

  4. Hi I’m delron I need advice on subjects choices because I want to become a computer engineer because I’m fascinated about the way computers work and are and I’m a bright learner and I’m already starting now already working on computers but what subjects should I pick because currently in the last term of grade 9 and nee your help urgently for my subject choice ( just tell me the subjects I need to pick to become a computer engineer) thanks for reading my post and hope you can help your dearest follower. Delron

  5. my daughter want to do marine biologist is advisable to do maths literacy,will this types of maths allowed her through that career?

  6. Hi Lindo,

    To study marine biology you need to take pure mathematics, not maths literacy.
    Take a look at out science page for more info on science degrees.


  7. Hi Delron,

    There are many universities out there that offer computer engineering, like North West University, their requirements are pure maths (70%), science (60%) and at least 60% for a first or second language.

    Check out their website for more info 🙂

  8. Hi Junaide. There aren’t clear-cut subject requirements for Drama, or Theatre & Performance Studies per se, but you should try to do well particularly in your language subjects. At most institutions, the decisive factor for admission to Drama is that you meet the minimum admission requirements for entrance into the university (or faculty in specific). Apart from this, a big factor in the acceptance process will be how well you do in your audition! 🙂

  9. Its finally time for me to choose my subjects. I’m planning to take business, accounts and economics because i have an interest in these subjects. I also want to take art since i have a talent . My parents think art and business don’t go together. Should i take art or just leave it?

  10. Hi Garima.

    Before you make any final decision, ask yourself if you have decided what you want to do after school. Do you want to study right away? If yes, do you know what you want to study? If you have an idea of the kind of degree you want to complete, then it’s very important that you inform yourself about the entrance requirements. Sometimes there are certain compulsory subjects you need to have had in High School, and other times there are recommended subjects. It can vary depending on which institution you apply to, and of course, to which degree.

    Regarding Art… if you know what subjects you need for your future studies, and you still have the option to take on art as an additional subject without compromising your chances to get into a specific stream of study, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t go for it! It might not be the best combination with the more business-y subjects, but it’s a great way to express yourself creatively, and have a refreshing break from the rest of your subjects.

    Remember, in the end none of us really know where we’ll end up, but it’s important to consider the options and prepare for likely outcomes. Do your research, think about what you want to do after school, but also remember to nurture your talents and passions.

    All the best 🙂

  11. Hi Danielle 🙂

    Luckily all you are required to take is your home language and first additional language.
    So you can take other subjects that you think would help you, like life sciences or business studies. Pure maths is always a safe subject to take but the choice is ultimately yours 🙂

    Best of luck,

  12. Hey im doing the science stream
    Physical science
    life science
    agricultural science

    but i want to be a lawyer nd im planning to study law wen i get to tertiary is it okay?

  13. Hi Promise 🙂
    Your subjects are perfect for law, just ensure your marks are reasonably high. Take a look here for all the info you’ll need on applying for law.

    I hope this helps.

  14. Hi,My name is Siyam and i’m currently doing grade 9 and i’m really confused about my life people want me to do a lot of things but don’t really care about what i really have to say, well i was planning on being an Earth Scientist or Travel Agent because i love going to places and learning about new things .Do you think If take subjects for those career options by the time i wan to get a job things wont be too limited for me?

  15. Hi Siyam.

    It sounds as though you have thought of some options for your future, but you aren’t too sure of any specific degree or career you want to study. You are in Grade 9, and it’s completely normal not to know what you want to do after Matric. A lot can happen in the next 3 years and you might discover new passions. My advice is that you choose subjects that fit to whatever you feel is pulling you more. However, if you like Science, then I recommend that you go for the high school subjects that are required for studies in Science (Maths, Physical Sciences). If you end up opting to become a travel agent after all, then at least you didn’t lose anything.

    One of the best things you can do is to job shadow and talk to people in the industries. It might help you with this decision.

    Also remember that nothing is set in stone, and tons of people change their minds about what they want to do with their lives. You might end up taking a gap year and discovering even more hidden passions.

    Good luck! We’re here if you need any more help.

  16. Hi im Sandy I currently doing Grade9 I want to be a Graphic design but my code of science are lower, so what subjects should I take for Graphic? can u please help.

  17. Hi Sandiswa, for Graphic Design you generally don’t need to have specific subjects, but it’s highly recommended that you take on Art. You can even use art work from school when you apply for Graphic Design, as you mostly need to submit a creative portfolio. Hope this helps! 🙂

  18. Hi Zowi, a good starting point would be to look at the subjects that you are currently doing at school. Which ones do you enjoy most and which ones could you see yourself doing well in? Once you’ve done this, you’ll generally get an idea of where your interests lie and what your good at.

    – Before choosing your subjects, talk to a school or career counselor who can assist or advise you. Have a look at an article from a Wits Career Guidance expert at Wits.

    – Try to contact someone in the profession you wish to pursue and ask them about their education and the steps they took to get to where they are

    – If you really have no idea what you want to do or become perhaps you want to read what other students have done here. Another way to help you make some decisions is for you to use our advisor service, which may help give you a sense of direction. Or maybe you want to do a psychometric test to help you figure out what to do?

    Good luck 🙂 If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  19. Hi
    I’m a grade 9 student ,whos going to Grade 10, I know that maths is not a strong,focal point for me and Im taking physics&accounting which are both really number-oriented subjects.My current EMS teacher is actually pushing me into accounting arguing that I’ll need it in the future but i want to do geography. And I’m scared that If i drop accounting I will regret my decision,because really i dont see the point of geography but i enjoy it. And after high school i want to go into fashion/psychology .Should i still take accounting?

  20. Hi Palemaloka

    I was never any good at Maths and numbers either, so I understand your concern to take on that subject. However, you already have an idea of what you want to do after school – fashion or psychology. I’d say that if you don’t take Accounting, it’s not going to majorly influence your chances of getting into those fields of study. But, think about it – if you can take Accounting and manage to pass with not too bad marks, then won’t that help you more than Geography – even just for basic life skills one day, when you need to organise a budget, or if you have your own business?

    You say that you enjoy Geography, but that you think it’s pointless – I think that if this is the case, you should consider Accounting. I’m saying this because with the ideas you have for the future, Accounting might actually come in quite handy.

    If you feel like you are going to fail Accounting and hate every single second of it, then don’t take it, because there is no point in failing an entire subject which will pull down your average. But if you feel you’re up to a challenge and can manage, I’d say go for it.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  21. Hi my name is lesego
    I currently passed grade 8 and i want advise on how to be able to pass pure when you get to grade 10 since we gonna choose subjects very soon,I am struggling but I still wanna do sciences and I.t So obviously I have pure maths but how can i really improve my marks

  22. Hi Lesego 🙂 It’s great that you want to improve your marks and do better! There are many resources out there that can help you. Sometimes maths teachers offer extra classes so try asking your teacher. If that doesn’t work, ask one of your classmates who achieves good marks to help. Working with someone else often makes things easier and helps you understand. Another way is paying for extra classes or doing online worksheets. CNA and other stores sell extra help books which you might find useful.The government websites have free end of the year exam papers which will help.

  23. hi I’m Gereld n i wanna become an a financial manager so I’m doing Account,Mathematics, Business studies n economics so am i doing the right subject that’s what I want to know. …

  24. Hi Gereld,

    Yes, those subjects will help you with your career choice. You’ll need those subjects to pursue a degree in Business, Commerce and Management Studies, which is necessary for a career as a Financial Manager.

    Good luck!

  25. Hi,my name is Lethu and I’m in Grade 9.I was thinking of being an actuary but I can’t get clear information on the subjects to take and the minimum requirements if SA schools offer them at all.I know it is a challenging course to take,that’s why I want to mentally prepare myself.

    Please help

  26. Hi Lethu

    Entrance requirements for a degree in Actuarial Science differ slightly from university to university. However, in general you need at least 80% in Pure Maths and your total average should not be below 70%. Again, it can differ depending on the institution. So in terms of subjects, make sure you take Pure Maths, and not Maths Lit. You should also try to do very well in English.

    It is a challenging course, but if you do really well at Maths and have a great overall average, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. You still have a few years before starting university, so things can still change, and you might want to do something totally different after school 🙂

    For now I would tell you to work very, very hard and do your best. When you get to Grade 11, you can start thinking about applying to universities.

    All the best!

  27. hi my name is malaika
    im in year 8 but its my time to choose the subjects for year 9. i want to be a lawyer. can u tell me which subjects should i choose?

  28. Hi Malaika,

    Great to hear from you! To become a Lawyer it might be a good idea to take subjects in the following areas: Accounting, Business Science or Economics.

    Good luck 🙂 Please contact us if you have any other questions.

  29. Hi EduConnect. I’m currently in grade 7, but I am really focusing on my future as I am in highschool in 3 months time. I want to become a lecturer/professer at university when I grow up. I’m not sure which subjects to take in grade nine which will allow me to become my dream job.
    Please help me ?

  30. Hi i’m mlondi mbatha i want to become a lawyer and i dnt knw which subjects should i work very hard on when i get to gr10.

  31. Hi Mlondi 🙂

    Here is a link to all of the different law degrees that you can take. Each has its own requirements so take a look and find one that suits you best.


  32. Hi Sammy.

    You definitely think ahead 🙂 It’s very soon for you to worry about subject choices, but it’s great that you are already getting informed.

    In general, lecturers and professors at university teach students about their own field of study, research and work. For example, if you studied Art and that is your field of interest and you want to be a lecturer, then you will most likely become a lecturer in the Art department.

    My advice to you is that you first figure out what your interest is – Maths? Art? Science? Once you know what you want to study, then you can base your subject choices on that. When you then go on to do your degree, you will work your way through undergrad and postgrad until you are qualified to be a lecturer.

    You still have time. Take it step by step. And the first step for you is to think about what kind of a career you would like, or what you would like to study – but remember, you still have a lot of time to make this choice. Focus on getting good marks, and enjoying your time in high school before it gets all serious 🙂

    Let us know if you have other questions.
    All the best!

  33. hi my name is Mpumi I’m in grade 10 I have chosen maths lit,life science,physics and cat I want to do nursing are the right subjects to do for nursing especially maths lit

  34. Hi Mpumi,

    Maths lit will be okay at some institutions. UWC accepts students who achieve 70% and up for Maths lit. Your other subjects are also good!

    Goodluck 🙂

  35. Hi! Which subject should I take because I’m not good at maths bt I’m the best at natural science

  36. Hi Nonka,

    It’s great that you know what you’re interested in and what you’re strengths and weaknesses. The subjects you need to take depends on what you want to study after school. If you would like to go into the natural sciences at a university level, you would probably need to have proper Mathematics, Life Sciences and maybe Physical Science. Look here at courses in the health sciences, agrisciences and science fields.

    Another part of the natural sciences is geography. That might not be a bad idea either if you enjoy it and could see yourself using it in the future.
    The questions you need to ask yourself now is: What do I want to study after school? And how much hard work am I willing to put in?

    You can look here for some ideas on the different courses and fields. Once you have an idea of what you want to study after school, you can choose your subjects. If you really struggle with maths and know you won’t pass it, get extra help or take maths lit. But for any studies in the natural sciences would most likely require proper maths.

    So all in all, Life Sciences and Geography would be great for your interests. But perhaps decide what you would like to study one day and then choose subjects.

    Feel free to ask more questions 🙂

  37. Hi
    I am currently in grade 9 and this september we are choosing subjects. I want to study music technology but dont know which subjects to choose. These are the subjects we have at our school. Which three subjects should i pick?

    Life sciences(Biology)
    Physical Science,
    Business Studies
    Consumer Studies(Home Economics)
    Visual Arts
    Computer Applications Technology(CAT-Computyping )
    Information technology


  38. Hi Hanadi,

    Look at this page for the requirements to apply for medicine. You need mathematics, physical science and life science. English and another language like Xhosa would also benefit you. Perhaps choose another subject you really enjoy as a third subject, like art or music. To give yourself a breather every now and then.

    Remember you need to work hard and get the best results that you possibly can. The earlier you start working hard, the better.


  39. Hi Vena,

    You would definitely need music to study music technology. This is the requirements at UCT in their 2016 Humanities Handbook: Music at C (60%) at Higher Grade or B (70%) at Standard Grade in
    Music (Senior Certificate); or Music at level 5 in the NSC; or
    Grade V Theory of Music examination and Grade VII practical
    examination of University of South Africa (Unisa) or the equivalent
    examination; or equivalent examination

    Look here for the requirements for the Bachelor of Music, you would do the music technology stream. Mathematics is also recommended. You can choose any other subjects. Perhaps choose subjects that could be useful in case you change your mind about music technology. Physical science, life sciences and accounting could be useful if you enjoy them. CAT always helps with computer literacy which will never go to waste, you’ll use it for the rest of your life. So music, mathematics, languages and anything else that you want to take.

    Best of luck!

  40. Hi,my name is Bernice, i’m currently in grade 9 and want to work in the navy but don’t know what i should study when i get to university,and what subjects I should take next year that will be required in the navy.

    Bernice,please help

  41. Hi I’m currently in grade 8 but I know I want to study psychology later on. I’m not sure what subjects to take though.

  42. Hi Vanessa

    For Psychology you will need Maths and English. The rest of the choices are up to you, but it makes sense to choose something that goes along well with Psychology – for example Life Sciences or Art. Make sure you work really hard in all of your subjects to get a good average.

    I know you don’t want to hear this, but you still have time to decide. I wanted study Psychology since I was 13, right up to the time I applied to university (I’m sure you read this in the article). Now I work as a writer and editor. All I’m saying is that it’s perfectly okay (and very good) to have a goal and passion, and Psychology is freaking awesome and interesting. Just keep your young heart open to other exciting avenues in case they come along 😉

    All the best 🙂

  43. Hi! My name is lisebo and I’m currently in grade 9.I want to become a teacher but I don’t know which subjects to choose.
    Please help. Thanks

  44. Hi Lisebo 🙂

    The subjects that you take all depends on what grades you want to teach. If you want to teach high school Mathematics, you need to take Mathematics yourself. Or if you want to teach Life Sciences, you should take that as well.

    The only subjects that they specify is your home language and first additional language. Look here for all of the information you may need 🙂

    Good luck!

  45. Hi Bernice,

    Here are the minimum requirements for military science courses. It depends on which direction you want to take in the navy. So browse through it and see which suits you best. You could also contact the recruitment department at the navy and see what they need in the force and then decide.

    Goodluck 🙂

  46. I am a bit struggling with maths, and I am in grade 9.I don’t know what subject to choose but I don’t want to do Maths Literacy. Help me please

  47. Hi Kgabo

    If you are only struggling ‘a bit’ with Maths, the best thing you can do is try to get a bit of extra help. Ask a friend or someone from a higher grade to help you. Or if you can, get yourself a tutor who can make you understand it a bit better. If you feel that a little support will make you improve, then I suggest that you stick to Pure Maths.

    If you are really struggling and your marks are very low in Maths, then it might be a good choice to go for Maths Lit. But, having said this, before you choose Maths, you need to think about what you might study after school. Not all qualifications need Maths.

    You are only in Grade 9, so you still have time to decide what to do after school. My advice is to try and improve your Maths. if it doesn’t work out, consider doing Maths Lit, but make sure you have a look at the degrees that interest you, and whether you can apply with Maths Lit.


  48. I would like to study sports psychology…..but the problem is that I don’t know what subjects are compulsory there and I also don’t know the requirements for it

  49. my name is khanya i’m in grade:9 and i would like to ask for advise on which subjects to choose i’m more intrested in law i would like to be a lawyer and i don’ t know which subjects to choose and i’m good at EMS

  50. Hi.
    I am doing grade 11 and I want to study Political Science. I am doing the following subjects: English as a home language, Afrikaans, Life Orientation, Maths Literacy, History, Geography and Tourism. I want to know if I can pursue a career in politics with these subjects or not, if not, what other course can I study for related to Political Science?

  51. Hi Annique,

    Thanks for the page. You can obviously not include all careers, but photography under the creative subjects could be a good option. It is a vast field that can either be scientific, artistic, but mostly commercial. Prospective students do not need specific subjects but need a strong inclination towards creativity and must enjoy working with technology. At our institution, we look at English communication ability in addition to the minimum overall points needed (26). The point only allows the prospective student into a selection interview. It is in this interview where interest in photography is assessed. Over the years, we have found that school achievement is not an appropriate indication for success in our course. It is mainly the desire to become a photographer that provides the necessary drive throughout the course. We have adapted our course towards Media Production over the past three years. Current choices at school do not allow for a media sensitivity development, which is a pity.

    Also worth mentioning is the latest move away, by universities, to recognise a subject for which the student has only received 1 or 2 points in the final grade 12 exams. This might be the difference between being allowed entrance or not. Another reality is that your acceptance into a course is many times provisional and dependent on the final exam mark.

  52. Hi Khanya,

    Thanks for your comment. If you are interested in pursuing Law I would suggest you look at keeping the following subjects in mind:

    – Accounting, Business Science, Economics

    You could also do Law via the Humanities faculty and subjects such as Geography, History and Religious Studies also help.

    Good luck 🙂

  53. Hi Remo 🙂

    Your subjects should be just fine for political science, just try to aim for the highest marks that you can. Look at this page for some other options in the humanities field.

    Good luck!

  54. Hi Malope,

    The best route to take would be to study the general humanities degree with majors in psychology. Unisa offers a short course in sports psychology which could be beneficial in getting you into the sports psychology industry.

    Read this article for some more interesting information.

    Good luck 🙂

  55. Hi my name is Nhlakanipho and I am doing grade 11. My subjects are history,life science geography and maths literacy and I want to study GIS,marine biology and geology so after matric so I want to go back to grade 10 to study mathematics and my parents think it’s a waste of time what must I do!

  56. Hi Nhlakanipho 🙂

    You can redo maths, Grade 10-12, in one year at your school or through another institution like Oxbridge. This means it’ll only take one year and NOT three. You could use it as a working gap year and get a job waitressing since you will only being doing one subject. This might help make your parents feel more inclined to say yes.

    If this is really what you want to do, then go for it. Your career is the rest of your life and you need to be happy in it. Maths is also a great subject to have since it opens many doors. But your parents opinions are also very important. Hear them out and see what they have to say as to why they say it’s a waste of time.

    In the end, you need to be happy.

  57. hi im naledi i want to become an architect but i dont know what to study in grade 10 please help me if you can

  58. Hi Naledi,

    Here are the requirements for Architecture. High marks in maths and physical science is a must.

    Good luck!

  59. Hi there,
    i want to go to university after school but i want to know maths core need to have at what percentage to pass? I want to have NSC!

  60. Hi Jordan,

    This article explains what you need to pass with a diploma, bachelors pass etc. To apply to universities you would need a bachelors pass, so read the bachelors pass section which explains everything to you. All in all – you need to work really hard to get into university and good marks increases your chances of acceptance.

    So good luck!

  61. Hy i m Evana. I want to be a airhostess . I m in grade 9. So to be airhostess which subject should i choose Opt or economics.

  62. Hi Evana.

    Have a look at this article we wrote on what it takes to become a flight attendant.

    In terms of subjects, it might differ from institution to institution, but at an aviation school like Cranfield, you just need to have your Matric, and make sure you have a good command of English.

    I think with your subject choices, think about what you would do as a second option – if you didn’t to airhostessing. Even though it can be a career, some people prefer to be a hostess for a few years and then do something else – so take that into consideration 🙂

    Good luck!

  63. Hi,

    I’m planning on doing the German matric (at DSK), but I’m struggling with subject choices because I can’t decide on what I want to study later.

    I was thinking of doing Law, but if I do my 1st year overseas and then complete my studies in SA, I would have to study from scratch.

    My second interest was becoming a Physio, but when I read up on the subject choices and I saw that one needed all social sciences, that option also flew out the window.

    So basically I am stuck because I a) don’t know what I want to study and b) my subject choices are dependant on what I want to study.

    Hopefully you can help me so that I can make my decisions wisely.

    Kind regards,
    Isabel Werth

  64. Hi Isabel

    I did the DSK Kombi stream myself (my grade was actually the first one to do it). I know that it does limit you in terms of subject choices somewhat. Let me go through your points.

    1) Why are you thinking of going overseas to study just for one year? Are you not going to consider doing your whole undergraduate degree overseas or here? It would make a lot more sense, not only because of the time it will save you, but also the financial aspect.

    2) Because the Kombizweig forces you to choose 2 out of the 3 following: Biology, Chemistry or Physics, it makes sense that it puts you off the idea of applying for Physio. However, universities are aware that some international schools follow different curricula. If you can give me more information on where you would like to study, it would be easier to find out how the university could accommodate the fact that you can only pic two of those subjects. Or else, what options you have given the situation.

    3) To help you figure out what you might want to do one day, I suggest you have a look at this tutorial series we made. It lets you explore your interests and aims to give you some inspiration and insight into different career fields 🙂 Click here to start. Always try to keep in mind what you enjoy doing, and what you’re good at. Passion and talent/skills is a great combination, and you want to ideally have that in whatever you decide to do for the future.

    Since I went to the DSK too, I do have some insight, and my own experience of course. Let me know if there is something else I can help wit 🙂

  65. Do I need physics and business studies or accounting pls HELP??????I seriously have no clue. What do I need to be a commercial lawyer

  66. Hi Ravhura,

    For most of the science degrees life science is NOT necessary but physical science is. Look here for more specific information.


  67. Hi Asanda,

    Look here for the different law degrees. The field of law that you go into (commercial, family, etc) is chosen when you’re studying and after. So you just need to do a law degree to be able to study law. Look at the link I provided to find the degree and subject requirements that best suits you.

    Goodluck 🙂

  68. Hello , could you please help me on which subjects to take for gr 10 to become a veterinarian.
    My school is offering one subject for each row.

    Line 1
    physical science
    Visual Arts
    CAT (computers)

    line 2
    EGD (technical drawing)
    life science

    Line 3
    Life science

  69. Hi Juan-Marie

    You will definitely need Physical Sciences, Pure Maths, and English. Depending on what degree you are going for in specific within VET studies, you may also need Life Sciences. Have a look at these two pages for more info:

    1) About the Vet Science Faculty.

    2) Vet Careers – here you’ll find out more about subject choices, what marks you need, etc. 🙂

    All the best!

  70. hi there, I want to become a chef. But I am not good at maths, so I still struggling to pass maths but I want to know what percentage do I need to pass maths? and my school offer me 7 subjects, i still don’t know what subjects to choose to pass. which is maths,English,life orientation,EGD,visual arts, sign language and CAT…. please help me!!!!!! thanks!!!!!

  71. Hi there My name is Alicia
    I’ was thinking about business studies, Economics and tourism
    With pure maths I’m not so good at maths at all but I want to know how to improve my marks
    And if Economics business studies and tourism goes well together and which career path can I go at .i need to know as soon as possible Please help me out?
    Thank you it will be much appreciated.

  72. Hi Alicia 🙂

    For pure maths, there are a lot of online resources available. What I found helped me the most with maths in school was extra classes and working with friends. Working with friends can be really beneficial since each person is different and may notice different solutions/problems to an equation.

    Economics, business studies and tourism do go well together. Mainly if you want to go into commerce and study something business related. If you think you may like to study accounting one day, then I suggest taking accounting next year just so that you have some more options. If you look at the article, you’ll see that you can go into anything from financial advising, politics and managing to chef and tour operator. It all depends on what you’re interested in.

  73. Hy
    My niece wants to be a journalist or a pilot afta matric. She’s doing grade 7 bt i want to know earlier so i find all the information in time. So i need to know which subjects to choose for both occupations or places i can take her for career guidance.
    Kind regards

  74. Hi my name is Debra. I honestly dont know what i want to be but i do know that i love accounting and business i want to take physical science but everyone keeps telling me its hard

  75. Hi Debra,

    Physical science is a great subject to have on your matric certificate since it allows you access to many more courses than just accounting and business. But definitely do accounting and business if that’s what you love, there is a lot you can study with them.
    Physical science can get tricky but if you’re willing to put work in and concentrate in class, then you should manage just fine. Your teachers are there to help you and you could work together with classmates on homework and assignments.

    Do what will make you happy and will allow you to follow your goals. You might find that physical science isn’t as hard as you thought.

  76. Hi Thulile,

    It’s great they you’re thinking ahead. Just remember that teenagers often change their minds about what they want to study after school, so keep that in mind when you help her with subject choices in Grade 9.

    This article with give you the requirements for journalism. There are a few different degrees that you could study to become a journalist so take a look through them. Also look at UCT’s Film and Media department here. English is most important but a good average is also required so make sure she works hard in all subjects.

    To become a pilot she would need mathematics and physical science. Geography would be beneficial and good english marks would also be advised since it is the international aviation language. Look here for more information.


  77. Hi I’m sethu in grade 11 I don’t knw which course I wnt to do I’m studying Maths lit,English Home language,Afrikaans,life orientation,History,geography and Life Science please help me

  78. Hi im Prudence, and i want to be a medical doctor. What subjects do i need to study? Im very good in maths and natural science

  79. Hi ,I am Tshepo.Next year I am going to do grade 10 so can you please tell me what subjects should I study to become a news and current affairs anchor. I am also interested in hosting shows and Please help me. god bless you.

  80. Hi , this is Tshepo doing
    grade 9, next year we are
    going to choose
    subjects at grade 10 so
    which ones should I
    choose to become a
    news and current affairs
    anchor. I am also
    interested in hosting
    television shows ( being
    a TV presenter) help me
    please. and what should
    my majors at university

  81. Hi Prudence 🙂

    You need to take mathematics, physical science and life science. You need to perform very well in every subject and get a good average to be considered for medicine.

    Good luck!

  82. Hi Tshepo,

    The route I would suggest is applying for the general BA degree. This is in the humanities faculty. At the end of first year you would apply for the production stream (also known as film and media). Sound engineering is also another direction you could take. Explore the two and decide which would work best for you.

    You would need to do the general subjects like english. Look at the humanities link for more information.

    Goodluck 🙂

  83. hi people I’m Nathi next year I’m going to Grade 10.Can you please tell me what subjects should I consider to become an Automotive Journalist ,I am interested in cars

  84. Hi Nathi. As a journalist you can go into pretty much any field you want. So check out some journalism or media degrees at different universities or colleges, and see which one suits your needs. In general, journalism falls under Humanities, and the most important subject to have is English. Check out the the qualification you want to do and then look what the requirements are specifically for that course and institution.

    Also, in order to get a head-start in this career, I suggest you start making a personal blog where you can already start writing about your passion for cars 🙂 It’s never too early to get your writer’s voice going. Click here for some of our info and content on writing and journalism.

  85. Hello my name is Daniella, I would like to know what are the average /overall /highest percentage you should have for the following subjects: pure mathematics, life science, physics to be accepted into med school?

  86. Hi my name is Otishea I want to study marine biology but I’m having a problem with coping with physical science… I am really interested in this career but i am not doing well in physical science . Please help me !

  87. Hi Otishea. If you are struggling, the first step to take is exploring ways that you can improve. Have you ever considered getting a tutor? or is there a classmate that could help you, and in exchange you could help them with another subject? Also, how much are you struggling – are you passing? You don’t need to get straight As in Physical Science, but if you can aim for at least 65%, that’s a good goal!

    You can have a look at EduMatch in the meantime and enter your existing marks and subjects (it’s for free to use this system) and it will show you a guideline of what may qualify for. Then you can enter 65% in Physical Sciences to try out what would change if you improved 🙂

  88. Hi Daniella,

    Thanks for your query 🙂

    To get into a Med school your best bet would be to try achieve the best marks you can. I can’t give you exact percentages, but I can tell you to work hard in high school 🙂 The requirements to get into Medicine in SA are quite high so I’d advise you to try aim for 85% and higher for each subject.

    For some extra guidance, have a look at these articles written by students studying medicine:

    Applying to study Medicine
    The Backdoor into Medicine

    Try not be disheartened if you don’t manage to get into your first choice. There are always ways around it or other options you can pursue 🙂

    Good luck!

  89. I’m Peggy and doing grade current subjects that I’m doing is life sciences, agricultural science, pure maths and physical sciences. I just want to be an audiologist but the fact is I don’t pass requirements that I need to obtain ,can you please assist if you have any clue

  90. Hi there!

    I’m a grade 9 student with a keen interest in becoming something along the lines of a sports scientist, I’m very near to writing my aptitude test and my mid-year exams. There’s a lot of pressure coming from my parents to choose very wisely.

    What subjects would you advise I take?

    Many thank yous 😀

  91. Hi Robyn.

    If you’re looking to do a degree in Sports Science, you need to have Pure Maths and Physical Science (or Life Science, but Physical Science might be the better choice). it can vary depending on which university you’re thinking of – to give you an example, have a look at the requirements for Sports Science at Stellenbosch.

    Even if you change your mind, and you later decide that actually you want to do Sports Management, or Personal Training, for example, having Pure Maths and Physical Sciences as your subjects will open quite a few doors.

    You can use our EduMatch system to play around with this a bit. Just enter the subjects you are considering, and the marks you are expecting/wanting to get in them, and it will show you what you qualify for at different universities 🙂 It’s free for you to use.

  92. Hi Peggy,

    The good news is that you’re only in Grade 11. You still have the rest of this year and next year to improve on your marks. You can get help from teachers, study with friends or ask your parents if you can go for extra lessons. If you start working hard now, your marks at the end of the year will dramatically improve and you might be able to achieve the minimum requirements.

    If you find that you still don’t achieve the marks that you need, you can upgrade your marks the year after you matriculate. Or study through an institution like Intec College to upgrade your marks.

    But before thinking about after matric, try your best to work as hard as you can now. Ask for help, there’s no shame in needing help. Get a tutor or a friend to sit with you once or twice a week.


  93. Hi,my name is Nkgodiseng
    I am in grade 9 this year and I really wanna study IT but I’m not sure what subjects i need to take.So i was asking for your assistance,please help if you can

    Thank you

  94. Hi, I’m lindo 🙂 I’m not 100% sure what I want to be but I’m deciding between studying law and sports science . please tell me what subjects id need to take for both these subjects . I’m really confused between the two . Oh and I’m in grade 9 . Thanks so much for reading . please answer ASAP 🙂

  95. Hi Lindo.

    Those really are two very different fields. I think you should ask yourself what you enjoy more, and also where you talents lie? Are you an avid sportsperson, love understanding scientific and biological processes? Or do you like standing up for people’s rights, and being involved with legal matters?

    Check out this post for more info on Sports Science, and what subjects to choose, and check this post for info on Law.

    Hope that help 🙂

    At the end of the day, do what will fulfil you as a person, and what you feel more passionate about. Both of your options are great careers with lots of diversity.

    All the best.

  96. Hi Nkgodiseng

    For IT, you should definitely take IT and Pure Maths at school. If you’re looking to do a degree in Computer Science, have a look at this post. 🙂

  97. Hey ..Lunga here I really want to become a lawyer when I finish school but like I don’t know which subjects I need to pick for 10 grade ..I’m currently in the 9th grade pls help me

  98. Thanks to this text, I know what I want to do now. But I don’t know what to choose between Law or Charted accountant. I am currently in Grade 9. My school only has accounting. Please help me

  99. Hi Mpho,

    I’m so glad that we could help you with this article. You’re only in Grade 9 so you still have a while to decide between law or accounting. Until you decide, you can pick subjects that will allow you to apply for both. The subjects you see for law and accounting are only recommended for studying law or accounting.

    I would suggest these subjects that would allow you to meet the requirements for both at university: Mathematics, Accounting and English. Business Studies and Economics would help you but it isn’t a must. So don’t worry if your school doesn’t have it. Physical Science is also good to have incase you change your mind about law and accounting. Otherwise take subjects that will help you like CAT, not a must but will definitely help with computer literacy.

    Remember that languages are really important in law, so work extremely hard in your languages. Also focus on a high average, not just in your required subjects but even the ones which don’t matter as much.

    Good luck and feel free to ask us any questions through out your school career:)

  100. Hi Mosa. Can you be a bit more specific with what you’d like to know about acting? Would you like to go into theatre, film, or TV, for example? Or would you like to find out general tips on what you can do to get in involved while you’re still in school… the more specific you can be, the more we can help 🙂

  101. Hi .. Iam Ishika and I am in 10 grade . I would like to share my views/problems with u . iam gud in science as well as in math. But i always got high marks in science as comparison to math but I don’t want to do non medical in +1. My elders suggested me to do non medical. Bcoz m much better in science but I want to become a CA .I don’t want to become a teacher and engineer. …I want to ask that what should I choose in +1 and in which subject i shoud be perfect if i want to become a CA.plz help me … What should I choose..?

  102. Hi Ishika 🙂

    In the end, what you study one day is your decision. You need to do it for the rest of your life. Listen to your elders advice, consider your own needs and wants and then make a decision considering all sides and all advice. You’re only in Grade 10, so you have 2 years to decide exactly what you want to study. Use that time to job shadow the different careers, to explore your own interests and to achieve good marks. That way when it comes down to choosing, you can choose to go into non medical or you can become a CA.

    To become a CA your most important school subjects would be Mathematics and Accounting. But all marks will be important so try and aim for a high average.

    Good luck with your decision, remember you still have some time so don’t stress too much.

  103. Thank you Robyn.
    But in +1 I have to choose a subject acc to my job , my interest .. So, I have not much tym .only half year is left .. Pls help me decide that what should I choose non med or commerce . if commerce then CA but if iam not able to clear it then what. And if non med then only teaching and engineering that i dont want to become. Even m gud in science . . thnx for ur advise … In d end i would say that lets hope for the best . may god help me..

  104. Hi Annique .I am Robyn and I am in grade 9 I just want to know what subjects do i need too become a dentist

  105. Hi Robyn,

    Thanks for your questions! If you’re looking to head into the Dentistry profession, the best subjects to take would be the following Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Computer Applications, Information Technology. Life Sciences and Physical Sciences will give you a good foundation for the medical field.

    Read this article about reaching for a dentistry degree.

    Good luck 🙂

  106. Good morning,
    I would like to know what subjects for Gr. 10, should be chosen for Anthropology. I do see geography, history and religious studies, but what if religious studies are not available. Which University is best for Anthropology?

  107. Hi Hanliette 🙂 Religious studies isn’t compulsory, it’s just suggested. So if you can’t take it, don’t stress. Take a look here for more information on their requirements.

    Most tertiary institutions would have a good anthropology course, but take a look at UCT if you would consider them.

  108. Hi
    I am Tyla I am in grade 8 but wanting to know what subject I need to become a sound engineer (Audio engineer) to see what subject I need to take and improve in the future.

  109. Okay Hey I’m Mande

    I’m Doing Grade 11 🙂
    I Am Doing Economics,Accounting(I’m Not Performing Good),Business Studies And Mathematical Literacy

    And I Want To Do Bachelor Of Commerce In Economic At Uj

    Do I Really Need Accounting To Be An Economist?

    And Can You Please Give Pass Requirements For This Course

  110. Hi Tyla 🙂

    You would need to take pure mathematics and physical science to qualify for a bachelors degree in sound engineering. Take a look at the Academy of Sound Engineering for more information. They offer a wide variety of qualifications, take a look at which one would suit you and then look at the requirements for that course.

    But mathematics and physical science are good subjects to start working hard in from Grade 8, it’ll pay off when you matriculate.

  111. Hello, I am currently in grade 9. I want to know what subjects I should choose if I want to be a sound engineer.

  112. Hi…really struggling with subject choice and even the best university to go to after matric…want to be a chef but do not want to be restricted to only working in a kitchen.would love to open my own establishment and also be a travelling world reknowned chef. few days left to make subject choice!

  113. Hi I’m fadwa Im in grade 11 and have chosen life science, economics, geography and maths literacy and I don’t know what work I can do with this please help

  114. Hi Qhayiya 🙂

    Mathematics and Physical Science are definitely the most important two. Otherwise just choose subjects that you enjoy, music would be a good subject to have but if you don’t have it or don’t play an instrument it won’t disqualify you in any way.

  115. Hi Yusuf 🙂

    It sounds like you definitely want to be involved in the hospitality industry somehow. You still have time to decide what you want to study after school and where. In the meantime, there are some subjects which would be helpful in keeping your options open:

    Mathematics (this always keeps many options open), Life Sciences (you could go into dietetics, some universities require physical science but many don’t, dietetics is all about food and nutrition), Business Studies and/or Accounting (especially if you want to open your own establishment), Home Economics (for the cooking part).

    These subjects may help you with following your dreams and will keep many doors open in case you change your mind.

  116. Hi Fadwa 🙂

    Take a look at our EduMatch tool, you will be able to fill in your subjects, percentages for each and some of your interests. It will then tell you what you can study and where. You can change your interests to get different results.

  117. Hi …im in grade 9 now and in the term where we have to choose our subjects for next year but im not ready as im still not sure what i want to become one day. Ive been thinking of becoming an author cause ive been writing many stories of my own for a few years , the people who have read them ,love it. But i am afraid there arent much opportunities here in paarl to become an author ,so ive been wondering whether i should change to a different career path. Do you perhaps have any advice for me??

  118. Hi Lucrecia 🙂

    It sounds like you’ve discovered your passion, which is really awesome. Have you considered going to Stellenbosch or somewhere in Cape Town to study? There really aren’t many study options in Paarl so you would probably need to go elsewhere to get tertiary education. Unisa is also a really great option if you’d like to stay at home. I’m currently doing the BA in Creative Writing at Unisa and I’m loving it, it involves writing short stories so it may just be perfect for you 🙂

    Otherwise, there are many ‘safe’ subjects that you can take. Pure Maths, Physical Science and Life Sciences are great options. If you don’t enjoy science then just take Life Science. It’s all about biology and isn’t too difficult, you just need to study the theory to do well. Accounting is also a safe subject.

    Decide if you’re willing to travel to a university like Stellenbosch, UCT or UWC or if Unisa suits you. You can still follow your writing dreams from home!

  119. Hey I’m Fundisile I wanted to know if i want to be IT information technology what subjects should I take???soo confused help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Hi, I’m Symonn
    I don’t know what subjects I have to take next year to be able to be a journalist I take 2 extra subjects (French and Computer studies) any thoughts on what subjects I should take next year.
    before I forget , my math marks are terrible so I was thinking about taking math lit, will this affect me negatively in the future?

  121. I want to do history and geography next year, but I didn’t decide what I want to become in future.

  122. Hi I’m Rejoyce, I am Namibian i’m in grade 10. I would like to become a speech therapist or a doctor. I chose biology, physical science and mathematics and my extra subject is Home Economics. I just want to know what other careers i can go for with these subjects.☺

  123. Hi i’m Lindo I need help I simply pass all my subjects in grade 9 but love commerce subjects but my natural abilities are in creative subjects so I am completely confused.

  124. Hi Lindo 🙂 Have you considered combining the two? Taking some commerce subjects and some creative subjects? That way you leave your options open. Also remember that you need to do subjects that you enjoy too, so if you’re good at creative subjects but you don’t enjoy it – then chances are you won’t use those subjects for applying to university one day. Think about what you might want to study after school – write down a few options – and then take subjects which would accommodate your options.

  125. Hi Rejoyce 🙂 You’re lucky that you took subjects that opens many doors for you. You can use EduMatch to put in your subjects, marks and interests and it will calculate what degrees you can study at which university in South Africa.

  126. Hi Marcelo, choosing what you want to do in the future is really difficult. Try taking subjects that leave as many doors open as possible. Mathematics and Physical Science are great subjects to take when you’re unsure of what you want to study. You could combine Physical Science and Geography and study Geography after school. It all depends on you and what you’re capable of. Having your options open is great and you won’t need to stress about having the wrong subjects.

  127. Hi Symonn, your languages are very important when you want to study Journalism. Maths lit will be okay unless you want to take a lot of psychology modules or some commerce modules. Just make sure that you achieve top marks in your languages and every other subject that you choose so that your average is high. Other than that, you can choose anything. Take a look at EduMatch if you want some help.

  128. Hi Fundisile, I would say that the best subjects to take would be Physical Science, Information Technology and Mathematics at school. If your school doesn’t offer Information Technology, you’ll still be able to study it.

  129. hi im angue im gud in agricultural sciences ,life sciences an maths lit an i need to be a chartered accountant and now im dng grd it posible dat i can becom chartered accounta? if not posible pls send me a list of careers dat i can pursue

  130. hi there I am currently doing my grade 10 doing physical science but I don’t knw which career to take after my matrix plz help me find resourceful carees

  131. Hi Valentia 🙂 Take a loo at EduMatch – You can put your subjects and marks in and see what you can study with your subjects and marks. You can also explore your different career options here.

  132. Hi, is it true that in order to study overseas you have to take geography and history in high school?

  133. Hallo. My naam is Francois. Ek het nou net my vakkeusses gedoen: Fisiese wetenskap, wisk, IGO en Besigheid. Ek wil graag ‘n Ingenieur of Argitek word. Is hierdie vakkeusses reg?

  134. Hi there, I am currently doing Grade 10 doing Physical Science, History and Geography and I don’t know which career to take after matric plz help me choose a career which will be based on helping people or my community

  135. Hi am Anna .I a bit confused. I was doing cormecial subject at grade 10 to 12..nw I regret doing those subjects. I want to change them help me

  136. Hi Anna 🙂 Take a look at this article. You will see that you can do subjects from Grade 10 – 12 at Brainline and Abbotts College. Contact them for more information regarding registering and the fees.

  137. Hey there , I am aiming to become a political scientist but I am not sure what subjects that would be required , I am in grade 9 and I’m so confused

  138. Hi Tamara 🙂 Take a look at the Humanities career options page. The PPE degree would be similar to Political Science. You need to perform well in your languages and take Mathematics. History and Business Studies may help you. Also consider taking Physical Science and/or Life Science to keep your options open.

  139. Hi Yvania 🙂 It depends on what you want to study. History and Geography won’t help you if you want to study Medicine or Psychology. Overseas universities would have similar subject requirements as our universities do. So check and see what the requirements are at our universities and use it as a guideline for overseas universities. Or go to the overseas university website that you’re interested in to see what they require. You can also contact them for more info. Best of luck 🙂

  140. Hi Yvania 🙂
    Studying abroad is an exciting option and doesn’t necessarily require geography and history as high school subjects. Subject choice depends on what you want to study after high school rather than where you want to study 🙂

  141. Hello my name is Palesa and im doing grade 9this year and I don’t know what subjects to do because I love history ,economics and business but I want to become a fashion designer……… What should I do?

  142. Hi Palesa 🙂 Thanks for your question! If you are looking to head into the Fashion industry as a designer the best suggested subjects to take are: Design or Visual Arts. History would also compliment your subject choices. If you want to study fashion design you’ll need to have some of these subjects since this will help you with your portfolio.

    Good luck!

  143. Hi my name is Marcelle I’m a grade 9 learner trying to figure out what the future holds for me, and the thing is that I want to take physics but you need more than just one subject you choose for yourself and I really want to become something with sport, but how can I make this easier for me to choose my subject

  144. Hey im Simiso?im in grade 9 this year. My mom is telling me that most of the people are doing general and commercial subjects and that i should take Phisical Scence, Life Science and IT. The problem is that i dont think i can do all those subjects because right now im struggling with mathematics….? help me

  145. Hi, my daughter is in grade 10. Her subjects are English; Afrikaans, pure maths, physics, life science, geography and of course L. O.

    Would she be able to study law to one day be an attorney?

  146. hi guy im noluthando in grade 11 when ifinished i want to become a information technology so iwant to know many caerees imay have please help me

  147. Hi, I’m in grade 9 and the subjects that I picked are pure maths, economics,physics and accounting, but I don’t know what specific career I can pursue with those subjects.

  148. Hi Marcelle 🙂 Physics is a great start to getting into sports. Another great subject is Life Science since as professional in the sports field needs to know about the body. Other than that, you can choose anything. Take a look at a BSc in Sports Science. Also play around with out EduMatch tool to see what you can study with specific subjects. Don’t forget to take proper maths!

  149. Hi Simiso 🙂 If your parents want you to take those subjects, ask them if they’ll pay for extra lessons to help you out. If you really don’t want to take them, find some other options. You can find some ideas here. Think about your dreams and desires for your future and somehow try to link that with your subject choices. It is a really hard decision and your parents choices play a huge role, but you need to be happy and have the future that will filfull you. Maths, Life Science and Physical Science are great subjects, but you need to be happy.

  150. Hi Ngcebo,

    That sounds like a really great subject package. Those subject choices give you many career options. Take a look at our EduMatch page to see the courses of study you qualify for with the subjects you have chosen. This will give you some direction in choosing a career. All the best with the rest of grade 9 🙂

  151. hi my name is Nqobile…. I am in grade 9… I have chosen history , dramatic arts and business studies…. will I be able to become an advocate or a lawyer

  152. Hi Nqobile,
    Thanks for your question. Well done on making your subject choice – these are good subjects. You should be able to study law with this subject package. Check out our EduMatch page to see what else you can study and where to study. All the best with the rest of your grade 9 year 🙂

  153. hi there.
    my son is in grade 9 and he is not really sure what career he wants to pursue but he it interested in IT. what should his subjects choices be.

  154. Hi there,
    Choosing high school subjects can be stressful. It involves a fine balance between subjects that are needed and subjects that are enjoyed. All recommended subjects for careers of interest are listed here . Check out our EduMatch page to ensure that the subjects your son takes will allow him to study IT.

  155. Hi I’m in grade 12 this year
    My subject pure maths life sciences economics life orientation Zulu English business study ,I want to go to study mechanical engineering or medicine next year but I like mechanical engineering a lot ,do you think can I qualify to do mechanical engineering whit this subject at university

  156. Hi Josh,
    At most institutions, maths is a requirement to study Accountancy. However, it is possible to study Accounting, and even do the Chartered Accountancy route, with maths lit. Find out more here
    All the best!

  157. Hi there,
    Here is some information on applying to study medicine and what kind of subjects are needed. In summary, choosing Science, Biology and pure Maths is the best option. Having a good grounding in languages is also helpful 🙂

  158. Hi there,
    Good choice! Find out more about being an IT technician here
    There are many career opportunities for those with an IT qualification. These include business intelligence, analysis and security specialisation. Find out more about job opportunities and studying IT here
    All the best with the rest of grade 11! 🙂

  159. hi, I am currently doing grade nine and my school doesn’t offer Information technology and I am very interested in it, what other subjects can I can I choose to become an Engineer or should I change schools??

  160. I would like to be an accountant in the future but I don’t know which subjects do I have to choose, Can you please help me.?

  161. Hi Neliswe,
    Those are great subjects 🙂 Usually mechanical engineering requires physical science as a high school subject. However, you can find a way around that – take a look at this article on bridging courses
    Otherwise, check out EduMatch to see what your options are with the subjects you have 🙂 All the best!

  162. Hi Geovani,
    Great! Generally, it is best to choose business subjects such as accounting, business studies and economics. Remember that Pure maths is also better to have in your subject package than Maths lit when wanting to study a numbers-based course after school. Otherwise, take a look at our EduMatch page to see what you can study with different subject packages. All the best!

  163. Hi Zannie,

    You can choose Civil Technology, Electrical Technology, Engineering and Graphic Design, Mechanical Technology. Otherwise I would suggest chatting to your teacher. She might have some insight to provide you 🙂

    Good luck!

  164. I’m in grade 9 and am faced with the challenge of subject choice.I want to study medicine and have limited options to choose from when it comes to the subjects offered at my school. I’m not yet sure what I would like to specialize in. Please help me choose subjects with the limited choices I have of pure maths which I love,life sciences,economics,geography, CAT,IT,dramatic arts,physical sciences and languages.

  165. Hi Phumi,

    It’s awesome that you have an idea of what you want to study when you’re done with high school 🙂 If you’re looking to study Medicine you’ll need to take the following subjects in preparation for the studies – Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Computer Applications, Information Technology. You’ll definitely need to take Life Sciences and Physical Sciences as these subjects are required for entry into the medicine faculty.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  166. Hello XD

    I have no idea what subjects to take. I want to go in the business field but i do not have a definite job idea. Advice please.

  167. Hi Bradley 🙂
    Deciding on a subject package is a difficult process. It is great that you have a general idea of what you would like to after school. Subjects such as accounting, economics and business studies are good options. However, it is important to take subjects that you enjoy in school. Most business courses are flexible with the subject requirements for entry. Although, it would be best to choose pure maths as opposed to maths lit. After you have chosen your subjects, play around on EduMatch to see which specific careers you can go into with the subjects you have selected. All the best!

  168. i studied management assistant in college and i want to enrol to university since i did well on communication i would like to study management communication next year.i did not do well in maths at high school..will that limit my chances of being accepted?

  169. Hi my name is : Kenan

    I’m currently in grade 9 choosing my subjects in a few days seeking some urgent help / to pursue my career , future … Need urgent help …what subjects is best to take if pursing chemical engneering ….why choose subject this subject ,because its my goal/dream to become one and a strong economy subject …Thanks

  170. Hi Kenan,
    Choosing subjects can be tricky. It is great that you have specific career in mind for after school. For any engineering course, pure maths is a must. Physical science and Engineering and Graphic Design (EGD) are also important subjects to have. Remember that Chemical engineering is about project management and problem-solving so subjects that allow you to think critically are useful. Take a read through this page on the different engineering routes. Also play around on our EduMatch page to see which careers you can go into with different subject choices. All the best! 🙂

  171. Hi Akhona,
    Studying management communication is an excellent choice. In general, the maths requirement level for management communication is not high. For example, North West University requires a maths level of 3 (40% – 49%). If you would still like or need to improve your maths mark, take a look at this article on bridging courses. All the best! 🙂

  172. Hi Trida, the only required subjects are Mathematics and Physical Science. Engineering and Graphic Design would also be beneficial.

  173. Hi Johnte 🙂
    That is a great choice in career. Generally, biology is not a requirement for studies in engineering. It is, however, a good subject to have in your package. If you would like to take biology, perhaps look into getting some extra help after school. All the best!

  174. Hey Im a grade 9 learner and I would like to be on TV.Either being an actress,broadcaster,radio personality.Is Maths lit fit in University??

  175. hello I have no idea about what subject should to take.I know that I want to become an Airline pilot so can you guys help me to find the right subject

  176. Hi Sisipho 🙂 Maths Lit is accepted by most universities – depending on what you want to study. If the course you want to study doesn’t require maths, then Maths Lit will be okay. Just keep in mind that Mathematics keeps many doors open and will allow you the option of many other courses in case you change your mind in the next few years. Best of luck!

  177. Hi Zinhle 🙂 The best subjects to take would be Mathematics and Physical Science as many places require this. Geography might help but this subject will not be compulsory. Good luck!

  178. Hi Sky 🙂 Mathematics is generally a really good idea as many of the psychology courses require that you do statistics. Life Sciences would also help. Other than that your languages would be very important. You can find more information here.

  179. Hi Ganief 🙂
    In general, there are no specific subject requirements for a teaching degree unless you are aiming to teach senior phase, in which case you usually specialise in a particular subject. This subject would ideally be taken in school. It is always useful to have pure maths. Otherwise, it is important to choose the subjects you enjoy. All the best!

  180. hi, I want to study information technology after high school, but I don’t know if physics is required because I am not prepared to take it as it will drastically bring down my marks

  181. Hi Daniel 🙂
    Don’t worry, at most institutions physical science is not a subject requirement for studying IT. It is always good to have pure maths in your subject package. All the best!

  182. Hi.. I also have problem I have 2 many thing in mind … Was 2 be a psychologist, market manager n electrical engineering.. I’m really not what subjects 2 take

  183. Hi my name is anele am in grade 9 and I don’t know what subjects to choose and I want to study political science so idk what subjects to choose please help

  184. Hi Amanda 🙂
    It is a tough decision to make. At this point, it is okay not to be sure. It is a good idea to take subjects that will allow you to study psychology, market management or electrical engineering after school. Pure maths and physical science will always open doors to many study options. Otherwise, think about which subjects you enjoy. You are more likely to do well in the subject that you are interested in which will give you a better chance of getting the marks needed to be able to study at the institution you want to after school. I hope this helps. All the best!

  185. Hi Anele 🙂
    Choosing subjects is tricky. It is great that you have an idea of what you would like to study after school. Having pure maths as a subject is always a good idea. History would also be a helpful subject to have if you proceed with political science studies. Otherwise, it is best to choose subjects you enjoy. Take a look at EduMatch This page will allow you to find careers you can go into with the subjects you have chosen. I hope this helps. All the best!

  186. Hey.. ? im in grade 9 this year and after grade 12 I want to study Actuarial Science and I don’t know whether to choose pure maths and science or Commerce that includes business studies and economics etc. . . Please please help me I need your help ..

  187. Hi there 🙂
    Thank you for your query. Actuarial Science involves a lot of maths and statistics. Take a look at a day in the life of an actuary here
    In general, physical science is not a requirement however, pure maths is. It is best to focus on developing your problem-solving skills with maths and, perhaps, science. If you enjoy commerce-related subjects, they could complement your subject package well. However, pure maths is the primary focus. Otherwise, choose the subjects you enjoy and take a look at our EduMatch page. You can see which careers you can go into with your subject package. I hope this helps. All the best!

  188. Hi – My son now entering grade 10 wants to become a games designer or an IT programmer. He likes maths and accounting. The adviser at Pretoria University advised that he chooses physical science as this subject opens many career doors. He does not like to read a lot but rather understand concepts and principles and then apply them.
    What subjects should he choose? He does not have to do Afrikaans as he will be studying through Cambridge.
    I would like him to start specialising while still in grade 10 and not take subjects just to make up the no.of subjects required.

  189. Hi there
    I am already in grade 10 and I’m still not sure about my subjects. I have C.A.T, Life sciences, Hospitality, English as HL and Afrikaans as F.A.L and Maths lit.. People are discussing me and telling me the two of my subject don’t count for aps in universities. Well I want to study therapy and media and maybe just maybe later open my own restaurant or hotel.

    I am discussed which subjects can I change and replace them with which ones.

  190. hi..I’m in grade 9 this year and after grade 12 I wanna be a lawyer but I don’t know which subjects to take next year

  191. Hi Mosa 🙂
    Thank you for your query. In general, it is important to have pure maths and physical science in your subject package. Geography is also a great subject to take if you plan to progress with aviation studies after school. Take a look at what pilot training involves here
    This will help you find out more about the profession. All the best!

  192. Hi Nkululeko 🙂
    It is tricky choosing subjects but it is great that you have an idea of what you would like to do after school. In general, it is a good idea to take history as a subject if you plan to study law at a tertiary level. Pure maths will also allow you to develop your problem-solving skills. Take a look at our EduMatch page here This will help you see which courses you are able to study with your subject package. All the best!

  193. Hi Rehana 🙂
    Thank you for your query. Choosing subjects is difficult. It is great that your son has an idea of what he would like to study after school as well as a clear understanding of his learning style. The IT industry is a great field – take a look at a day in the life of an IT technician here. This might be helpful to your son. Pure maths is an extremely useful subject to take and it is wonderful that he enjoys it. In general, subjects such as Physical Science, Computer Applications Technology and Information Technology are great to take when planning to study IT. Life Sciences is also useful for the sciences field, in general, but involves much reading and is not completely necessary in the IT field. Take a look at our EduMatch page here. This can help by revealing study options available based on your son’s interests, subjects and potential marks. I hope this helps.

  194. Hi Palesa 🙂
    Choosing subjects is difficult and it is okay not to be sure of what you would like to do after school. Perhaps, take a look at our EduMatch page here. This can help you see the study options available based on the subjects you have, your interests and marks. Hospitality studies could be a good option with your subject package and vision to open a restaurant or hotel. Here are some tertiary institutions that off hospitality studies. Maths lit and CAT may not count highly in some APS calculations. However, if you are comfortable with your subject package and confident that you cannot do pure maths, it is best not to change. As long as you are interested in the subjects you have chosen and can find a career path that you are happy to pursue. All the best!

  195. Hi 🙂 The best subjects to take for IT is pure Mathematics, Physical Science and Information Technology (or CAT). These will help prepare you for the subjects you will study at your tertiary institution. Not every institution requires these subjects but it is a great idea to keep all of your options open so that you can apply to as many institutions as possible in your matric year.

  196. Hi Sethu 🙂 There are courses that accept Maths Lit and some that require pure Mathematics. You can see the requirements for law here.

  197. Hi.I’m in grade 9 and when I finish high school I want to study psychology and I don’t know what subjects to take and I’m worried that my school doesn’t have all the required subjects ……HELP ME I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!

  198. Hi Amanda 🙂 You need pure maths and your languages are really important. An African language would benefit you greatly. Life Sciences will also help just with understanding the human body. You can check the requirements here. Best of luck!

  199. And let say I decide to take math lit can I still be a psychologist or do I have to change my career path

  200. I just want to know if i need to take ICT in my o levels if i want to pursue my career as chartered accountant

  201. Hi Gwen 🙂
    Thank you for your query. In general, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is not a requirement to study towards a Charted Accounting qualification. However, ICT will provide you with useful knowledge in both the study and work environments so it is worth considering.
    Wishing you all the best!

  202. Hi I am doing grade 9 and I want to be a chatered accountant I dont know which subjects to do please help

  203. Hi there 🙂
    Thank you for your query. Choosing subjects can be difficult and confusing. It’s great that you have an idea of what you would like to do after school though. Studying towards a chartered accounting qualification is a great idea – in general, the subjects you are required to take in school include accounting, business studies and economics. Pure maths is also recommended. Take a look at our guide to choosing subjects here. All the best!

  204. Hy there I’m shay in grade 9 and I want to be a lawyer after my matric and the given subjects are from the HUMANITIES category which are

    Tourism / life sciences
    Maths literacy

    So I want to know what job title of a lawyer does those subjects fall in please help

  205. Hey thanks for the info I want to know what kind of maths is needed for broadcasting journalism , pure maths or maths literacy ?

  206. Hey I want to study mechanical engineering after high school, but I don’t know if I need accounting or not

  207. Hi Sizwe 🙂 Accounting is NOT needed. You only need Mathematics and Physical Science. Engineering and Graphic Design might help you.

  208. H am Cloe at East London i have grade 11 i couldn’t do grade 12 due to famely problem. While i was in high school i did life sciences,L.O MATHS LIT,CONSUMER STUDIES,BUSSINESS STUDIES,ENGLISH AND XHOSA then i did arts and culture,grama and practise solo as a singer. So i want to know what subject must i take because next year i want to do my grade 12. I really want to be an acter its my dream please help me my email its

    Thank you

  209. Hi Cloe 🙂
    Thank you for your query. In general, subjects such as visual arts and drama are recommended if you would like to go into the performing arts. Business studies could also be a useful subject to take. Perhaps, look at our EduMatch page here
    You will be able to enter your subjects, interests and average marks to see where and what you could study.
    Wishing you all the best!

  210. Hi there my son is in grade 10 doing the following subjects English
    Pure maths
    Religious studies
    He has unfortunately dropped physics half way threw the year .Can you advise if hes subjects qualifies for either dentistry/oral hygienist and bcom.

  211. Hi 🙂 You will find the subject requirements for dentistry/oral hygiene here and for BCom here. It looks like he does not qualify for dentistry, but he does for the other two. To find out subject requirements per faculty, look here.

  212. Hi 🙂 With Pure Maths and Physical Science, you will be able to study a great deal of things. If you would like to explore your options, take a look here. It will show you exactly what you can study in each specific faculty. Explore your options there. You’ll see that Life Science will open many options in the Health Science (medicine, speech therapy, nursing, etc) faculty and Accounting will open many options in the Commece (business) faculty.

  213. Hi, does one require Physical Science at school in order to study physiotherapy or psychology after Matric? Thanks

  214. Hi there,

    To apply for studies in Physiotherapy it would be recommended that you do Life Sciences and Physical Science. 🙂

  215. Hi Riaan 🙂
    Thank you for your query! It is great that you have an idea of what you would like to study after school. In general, to study anything in the IT field, subjects such as Computer Applications Technology, Information Technology and Physical Science are useful. Take a look at our guide to choosing subjects here. All the best!

  216. Hi there, I seem to be stuck in a choice between business studies and History, both are excellent subjects that I enjoy. History seems to be a subject (where I come from) whereby the marks are slightly lower. business seems incredibly useful. In South Africa, I would like to pursue a medical career, so top marks are mandatory. What would you say offers more to a potential med student?

  217. Hi there
    I completed my grade 9 and 10 in a french speaking country and i will be continuing grade 11 in south africa.Many websites says that i should have a second language but my school says that i dont have to. The subject my school offers as a second language is afrikaans which is a subject that i am pretty bad at.i was wondering if i could do french as a second language even though my school does not offer?
    please help

  218. Hi Aphiwe 🙂
    You can definitely still study towards becoming a Chartered Accountant with your study package. Accounting is a great subject choice since it will give you a solid foundation in your tertiary education. Remember that Pure Maths is also a subject requirement and is strongly recommended. All the best!

  219. hi , I am recently in grade 8. it is the end of grade 8 , but the thing is that I still haven’t really figured out what to do in future. I’ve always wanted to be a singer , but I think that dream is not realistic enough for me to pursue. almost everyone I know already figured out what they would do. their career choices are very realistic. but I don’t know what to do. Can you please help me ?

  220. Hi Daniel 🙂
    Thanks for your query! That is a tough decision to make especially since you enjoy both subjects. In general, history is a more challenging subject when compared to business studies. This is because business studies involves a lot of learning and answering direct questions in tests. However the information that you will learn is useful. Although the specific theory will not be applicable in your studies, basic business knowledge is practical. History, on the other hand, is more of a skills-based subject. It involves less learning and more understanding of the bigger picture. The skill of being presented with information and picking out the relevant facts is the main learning principle. This is extremely useful when studying a course that involves processing large amounts of information. To weigh up these two options, I would suggest deciding whether you prefer doing a learning subject and which subject would be more useful to you in the long run. I hope this helps.
    All the best!

  221. Hi Semiha 🙂
    Thank you for your query! If your school doesn’t offer French as a subject, it may be difficult to pick this up as a second language. However, you could maybe chat to your school about completing a course outside school and getting credited for it. Alliance Francaise offers French tuition so this could be an option. The best first step is to talk to your school about the situation and see what they suggest.
    Wishing you all the best!

  222. Hi Laluhle 🙂
    Yes! You can study towards becoming a CA with that subject package. It is also important to have pure maths instead of maths lit. Having a strong accounting foundation is important so that is a great subject choice! All the best!

  223. Hi im in grade 10, I just passed it and im on my way to Grade 11, but the problem is at the beginning of grade 10 I wanted to do Architecture and I took the following subjects:
    Pure Maths
    Visual Arts
    But now im not doing good in maths, so I want to be a Real Estate Agent, but I have no idea what subjects to take.
    Some help please.

  224. Greetings,
    I want to register for the Psychology degree but I am doing Mats Literacy, so I want to know whether I can be admitted if not what must I do to make sure I am admitted.

  225. Hi I was just wonder if I made a good decision I choose accounting ,egd , pure maths and physics I would just like to know do you think it a good decision because I don’t knw what I want to study so I choose all that do u think it was a good idea ? Do u think it’s gonna be to much work or a bad decision ?

  226. Hello, could you please tell me if the Information Technology curriculum is kept relevant to the real world (how old is it) in Grade 10-12. My son will have to choose subjects next year in Grade 9, he is not sure of a career yet, but will take Maths core, Bio and Physics to make sure he’s got most options to choose from after Matric. Since there is one extra subject to choose, he only wants to take IT if it will be beneficial, otherwise he will take history, which he enjoys.
    One last question, do you think LO will still be compulsory in the next 2-3 years?Thank you 🙂

  227. Hi there?

    My daughter wants to do psychology and I’m worried she might not get job opportunities. is she making the right choice?

  228. Hi. I want to become an IT but my school has package that you so choose . But there is no CAT and physics links and My school doesn’t have IT as a subject
    So I choosed CAT ,life science and geography and pure mathematics so Can I still study IT

  229. hi i will be doing grade 12 next year and am doing history geography life science math literacy am good in all subjects and my English is good so do i qualify to study law or what career suit my subjects am a little bit stuck there help pls

  230. Hi Taneesha 🙂 First things first – you’re only in Grade 8! Take a deep breath, it’s going to be okay. Some people are lucky enough to know from a young age what they would like to do, but many people don’t. I didn’t know until after high school – so don’t feel too bad. You might find that a lot of your friends will change their minds a few times over the next few years. While a career in singing might not be 100% realistic, you can still carry on working on it. Take part in the choir, enter competitions, go for voice training. Whatever it is, work at it in your spare time. You never know what can happen. With regards to what you want to study – take a loo at this Discovering Your Career tutorial series. It will help you explore your interests and figure out what is is you like. Also look at the different Career Options and see if one of them looks appealing to you. Otherwise, it’s always safe to take Pure Math, Physical Science and Life Science in school. It opens many doors for tertiary studies.

  231. Hi 🙂 You shouldn’t give up on your dreams just because of maths. Have you spoken to your maths teacher about extra help or classes to help you get your marks up? Read this article to find out how to become a Real Estate Agent 🙂

  232. Hi 🙂 You can’t do statistics in university if you don’t have pure maths. Perhaps try doing a bridging course after school or do a humanities degree which doesn’t involve statistics. You need to get as high marks as you can to make sure you get admitted one day. All the best!

  233. Hi 🙂 If you concentrate in class and do your homework and assignments on time, it won’t be too much and it is a great decision if you aren’t sure what to do. Try not to worry too much, just be prepared to work hard and get good marks so that your study options after school are large.

  234. Hi Stephanie 🙂 The Information Technology curriculum is reasonably up to date. It is just the basics and further studies after school would be very relevant. The content learnt in school will prepare him if he is interested in pursuing an IT or Computer Science degree. It’ll give him a foundation and is therefore not a bad idea. However, if he enjoys history and is certain he will not pursue any sort of IT related field, perhaps he might want to consider a subject that he enjoys. Just keep in mind that history takes a lot of studying. LO will be compulsory for the next few years, it will only change if the curriculum changes and that isn’t set to happen for a while. All the best for you and your son.

  235. Hi 🙂 Psychology is needed in almost every industry as every industry requires interaction with people and understanding how and why they make certain decisions. If she’s studying psychology to become a full time registered psychologist, it is important to be aware that it is required that you do your Masters in psychology to be able to be a registered psychologist. Otherwise she would be a counsellor. Masters programmes are extremely competitive and requires hard work. Otherwise, psychology really is needed in every field and industry. A knowledge in psychology would never go to waste. I hope this helps.

  236. Hii I’ll be doing grade 10 next year and I wanted to study law after my matric but it turned out that law required accounting and I’m not that good in accounting I’m good in economics, so I decided that I should start clearing my path right now by preparing to study medicine after my matric so I wanted to if really physics,CAT & will be helpful ? 🙂

  237. Hii I’ll be doing grade 10 next year and I wanted to study law after my matric but it turned out that law required accounting and I’m not that good in accounting I’m good in economics, so I decided that I should start clearing my path right now by preparing to study medicine after my matric so I wanted to know if really physics,CAT & IT will be helpful ? 🙂

  238. My child is studying at Technical high school and now will be in Grade 10. Her subjects choice includes Mathematics, Woodmaking, physical science, Life Orientation, Engineering Graphic Designs and two Languages.

    She would like to study Architecture, Quantity surveyor or Building Surveyor and Civil Engineering.

  239. Hi Promise,
    Thank you for your query! It is completely normal to feel confused. Grade 10 is a great year since you will be doing the subjects you have chosen. If you have a career in mind for when you are finished school, it is a good idea to take subjects that will help you study further. If you are struggling with certain subjects, perhaps look into getting extra help for these subjects. Remember that it is always great to do subjects you enjoy and that will allow you to pursue a career you would like to. I hope this is helpful 🙂

  240. Hi Tumi,
    Thanks for your query. If you would like to study medicine, you will need pure maths and physical science. These two subjects are important and will be required on your applications to tertiary education institutions. If you are struggling with these subjects, perhaps consider getting extra help from a teacher or tutor. The best motivation is to remind yourself of the career you will be able to study towards in the end. Wishing you all the best! 🙂

  241. Hi Thuto,
    Thanks for your query! You have a solid subject package 🙂 If you are interested in medicine, it is good to keep in mind that this degree requires many years of studying as well as an internships and community service. In general, physics and IT are useful subjects to have. Another useful subject in your package would be life sciences. However, this is not a requirement. Having pure maths is very important. I hope this is helpful. All the best!

  242. Hi Lesiba,
    That sounds like a solid subject package. She will be able to apply for any of her study choices with those subjects. Wishing her all the best with her grade 10 year! 🙂

  243. I am 29 years these year .I left at school in grade 9 so now I want to do something can help me to get job I was doing these subjects at school English zulu mlmms art and culture technology ns lo and ems plz guys help me

  244. I chose accounting at varsity but I did physics and pure maths in highschool I want to become a chartered accountant,help..will I make it through and pass?

  245. Hi Robyn.

    My son passed matric and he got a bacheler degree. He wants to do IT and he did not meet the point that are needed. So I want him to repeat his Matha,Science and english. Where can I get colleges that offer those subjects.

    Please help . I am base in Fleurhof in Jhb.

  246. Hi Precious 🙂
    Thank you for your query!
    Your son will be able to improve these three subjects by completing a bridging course. Take a look at where he could do this type of course here
    Wishing you and your son all the best!

  247. Hi 🙂 There first few weeks of accounting in varsity is teaching you a lot of the basics learnt in school accounting. You should be fine as long as you pay attention and do revision at home after classes. Good luck!

  248. Hi my name is Nkosazana I’m in grade 9, when I grow up I want to be an actress,which subjects do I need to choose… Please help??

  249. Guys I want to be a Chartered Accountant I do not know which subjects to choose in high school I’m in grade nine 9 please help

  250. Hi Lebo 🙂 Yes, just submit your diploma results when they ask for your academic documentation.

  251. hey iam in grade 10 and i dont know what i want to be i love sciences but iam afraid i could fail them and im good at commercials and i dont want todo them

  252. Hi my son needs to choose subjects next year but he is in a remedial school they dont have pure maths only math lit so i was thinking of letting him do math as an extra subject through a college while he is still at school can this be done pls help me make an informed choice

  253. Hi Pinky 🙂 She needs Physical Science, Life Science and Mathematics to be able to apply for Medicine.

  254. Hey roby I would like to know requirements I need in order to be a social worker and what subjects to choose cause currently I’m doing grade 9 do i choose pure maths or maths lit???

  255. Hi 🙂

    Thanks for your comment! It’s so wonderful to hear you already have an idea of what you want to become when you’re older. I would advise you definitely consider doing some job shadowing to get a feel of what the career is all about and whether or not it really is the job for you.

    The recommended subjects to take for a career as an actress is: Dance Studies, Design, Drama, Visual Arts

    Hope this is helpful 🙂 Good luck!

  256. Hello Roby
    I’m in Grade10 and doing Tourism,Business studies, Economics and Maths Literary.Are these subjects okay in order for me to be a Flight attendant ?please help?

  257. Hi , my name is Anelisa and I’m a grade 9 learner . I want to a doctor so I was wondering when I’m doing my matric , the percentage that I should reach in order to be accepted into a Medical school and in which subjects

  258. Hy. Am doing geography, lifesciences, mathslit and business studies but I wanted be a lawyer I don’t think it will be possible. Which career can I choose now?

  259. Hi Anelisa,

    Great to know you are already thinking about your future 🙂 If you’re looking to become a doctor you’ll need to aim for an A average. It’s extremely competitive to get into the medicinal field. The recommended subjects you would need to take to get into Medicine is Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Computer Applications, Information Technology.

    To help you, here is a guide you can look at!

    Have a read through this article from an individual who has studied Medicine.

  260. Hi there 🙂

    Thanks for your comment. There aren’t specific subjects you need to apply to become a flight attendant. But there are certain requirements you’ll need to meet.

    Have a look at this article for some insight on the career and where you could do a short course to prepare for the career.

  261. Hi my son is in grade 9 and i would like to have him assessed as so what his strenthgs and weaknesses are in order for him to get an idea as to what direction he needs to kove in.Could you help in advising what type of assessment and where we can have assessment done.We are in PE

  262. im in grade 9 this year so I want to be a pilot when I grow up so I would like to ask if pure math is compulsory to become a pilot

  263. hi.. im Wendy im in grade 10 and doing maths pure,life science,physical science,first languare,second language and life orientation,are this subjects okay in order for me to be a nurse?

  264. Hello,

    I am in Grade 9 and I would like to become a chartered accountant. Which subjects should I take?

  265. hellow im zenande im doing grade10 this year iwant to become an informational technologiesty so iwant to know what percentage ishould reache

  266. Hi Khanya,
    Thank you for your query! It is great that you have an idea of what you would like to study after school. Chartered Accountancy is a great study option. Take a look at our grade 9 guide to choosing subjects here
    In general, subjects such as accounting, businesses studies and economics are good choices. Remember to take pure maths – this will be an important requirement when applying to different institutions. Wishing you all the best! 🙂

  267. hi , I’m a grade 10 learner , I’m now at the stage where we are able to change subjects, I’m currently doing Business Studies, Life Science and Computer Applications Technology(we don’t have IT as a subject) , I want to go into IT , I have the option of doing physics but I’m not really fond of the subject ,our school says that Computer application technology does not count after school. What should I do at this stage ?

  268. Hi EduConnect team. I am an adult already and want to further my studies. What I know I never finish my grade 12 so I am planning to go to ABET school to finish up so that I b able to continue. I wanna be a radio personality but I don’t know which subjects will be required of me plz help.

  269. My name is Toy Bodbijl and I’m a former LS, NS & LO teacher. Presently I am an Environmental Educator, working towards inspiring young people to choose Life Science as a school subject and Biology as a career path through hands-on outdoor lessons. I am very pleased to have stumbled upon your page and must compliment you on the easy-to-understand information and your positive comments to those who inquire. If there is any information you think I could make use, please let me know. Keep up your wonderful dialogue!

  270. Hi my name is motheo and im in grade 10 and im studing =history ,tourism,lo,as i want to be a lawyer ,are these subjects fine?

  271. my name is ANATHI i have choosen history and maths litracy i am in grade 10 i am 16 years old i want to be a social workere

  272. Hi Madeleine 🙂 Have you spoken to your teachers and asked if they would help you after school with extra lessons if necessary? Or set up study groups with friends? All of these things may help you with achieving good marks for the sciences.

  273. Hi Toy,

    Thanks for your wonderful message 🙂 You made our day! We’ll be sending you an email shortly.

  274. Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for your query! This should be possible as long as the double dose of maths is manageable with your son’s schedule at school. Having pure maths as a subject will be an asset in terms of being able to study further. This subject does open many doors and, if it does not redirect his focus too much from his existing timetable, it is a worthwhile subject to have. I hope this is helpful – all the best!

  275. I’m in grade 9 and am wondering what subjects to choose to study psychology. Hope you can help.

  276. Hi Tiffany 🙂

    For you to study Psychology you should definitely think of sticking with Pure Maths. Some other subjects which would be relevant to the field of Psychology is Life Sciences or Physical Sciences. The reason I say this is to open up more opportunities if you ever decide to change your mind or move into a different area of study.

  277. Hi there my name is Tinashe l am wondering which subjects and percentage do l need inoder to study nursing reply

  278. Hi
    I’m doing business sciences.geography.pure maths at school and I’m thinking of becoming a pilot is it possible

  279. hey, my name is LuLibo
    and I’m in grade 9.
    I want to become a doctor, but my science marks are so not good enough!!!
    Just like in march control test I got 58% on NATURAL SCIENCES.
    Ever since I’m getting sad marks on NATURAL…
    I lost hope on becoming a doctor which is so sad.
    But I got interested in history when i received 94% on my report.
    So I don’t know which way I should go next year!
    I’m so confused what subject I should choose.

  280. Hi LuLibo 🙂 Choosing subjects is really difficult. Especially when you excel in one thing but have a desire to take a subject you don’t perform too well in. If you really want to be a doctor then putting the hard work into your science subjects will be worth it in the end. There is no shame in asking for help, so chat to your teacher or to a friend that does well in it to see if they’d like to help you out. If you’re still confused, go chat to your Life Orientation teacher, they should be able to give you some sort of guidance. Otherwise, take a look at this guide for some more help:

  281. Hi Tendai 🙂 You only need to perform well in your languages and in maths (Pure Maths or Maths Lit). However, Visual Arts will definitely help you prepare and help you gain confidence. Try and choose subjects that will give you opportunities if you change your mind – like pure maths, life science, accounting, etc. All the best!

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