Grade 11 Starter Pack


You’re almost done with high school. Prepare for the year and let’s make future decisions together. There are many questions we know you have, but this is where you’ll answer them.


  • How to Improve your Maths Mark


  • Differences between Institutions in South Africa


  • 10 Things to Remember before Applying to University


  • How to Apply to Unisa Online


  • The National Benchmark Tests: What you need to Know


  • How to Fund your Studies


  • South African Salaries in 2017: What do Professionals Earn?


  • How to get a Free Email Address


  • Curriculum Vitae



Browse 2019 Institution Application Dates

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Tips for Open Days

Open Days

Attending open days can be super informative and helpful. But you need to go prepared to make the best of it. Here are some tips on making the best most of open days at all institutions.

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Grade 11: Your Road to Success

Road to Success

Grade 11 is a “limboland”, you’re there but NOT quite there, if you know what I mean. This article will (hopefully) help you gather your thoughts, turn your dreams into solid goals with concrete action to back it up and get you to where you want to be.

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How to set Realistic Goals

realistic goals

Have you ever made a long list of New Year’s goals only to come to the end of the year without achieving any of your goals? You’re not alone. Shirley gives tips on how to set realistic goals.

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Volunteering Options for the Holidays


If you want to affect change and do some genuine good, get involved as a volunteer in the holidays. You’ve got so much to gain from it. Check out some of South Africa’s volunteering opportunities.

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Ted Talks Every Learner Should Watch

Ted Talks

Having a bad day? Feel like you’re getting nowhere? Some days you really just need a little inspiration. Shirley Erasmus has got you covered. Here are the 5 Ted Talks every student and scholar alike should watch. Spoiler alert- these are seriously inspirational!

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Pep Talk: Give the World a Reason to Dance

Pep Talk

Listen to this pep talk and give the world a reason to dance. We all need a little encouragement every now and then.

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Decoding the Matric Pass Symbols

Pass Symbols

You’ve finally received your matric results, but what exactly do those pesky matric symbols mean? We’ll help you to decode your matric symbols so you can figure out your next step!

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Careers of the Future

Careers of the Future

Decisions about choosing a career or school subjects have you confused? Here we give you the careers of the future and what you can study to get involved with these careers.

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Tips to get you Exam Ready

Exam Ready

For many of you, exams are a mere month away! For some of you, these exams will determine whether you are accepted into the University of your choice or these exams might be your first exams at a University level.

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Ways to Improve your Maths Mark

Maths Mark

Are you struggling with Maths? Don’t worry. Help is here. Hannah breaks down 10 ways you can improve your Maths mark. Make sure you check it out, because Maths is pretty important for university applications.

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Discovering your Career

Discover your Career

We created this tutorial series to make choosing a degree or career path MUCH easier for you. We know how difficult it can be to choose what to do with your future. We’ve been in the same boat which is why we want to help you with your choices.

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Failing in School, you can still get a Degree

failing in school

Does your school work tend to take a back seat? If you’re failing a test here, and forgetting homework there, and you’re just not doing well at school, don’t start identifying yourself as the person who will suck at studying. You can still end up successfully getting a degree one day.

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CV Tips

CV Tips

There are various ways to write a CV, so if you’re looking for instructions on how to write your CV precisely- then keep looking. While this article can’t tell you exactly how your CV should look, it can provide you with some helpful tips and downfalls to avoid.

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