• A CV to Impress

    EduConnect A CV to impress

    Your CV is the first impression your potential employer has of you. Keep it simple, classy and ‘dressed to impress.’ Here are some guidelines and templates to ensure you give out a CV that meets the demands and expectations.

  • Do your Homework

    EduConnect Do your homework

    You’ve landed an interview! Now it’s time to do some research on the organisation you’ll be interviewed at. Know what they’re about, their projects and their values. Gain some basic knowledge on the relevant industry too. Check out our research suggestions here.

  • Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude

    EduConnect Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude

    The interview may seem intimidating once the date looms closer and the information from your research increases. Will you remember everything? Will you look okay? Will they like you? It’s important to remain positive and see this as a learning opportunity, regardless of the outcome.
    Read this article for some motivation.


  • Prepare in Advance

    EduConnect Prepare in Advance

    Do you have the correct attire? Do some shopping if necessary, make sure everything is neat and ironed, prepare your bag with a spare CV, cellphone, a pen, ID, etc.
    Here is a checklist to help keep you from getting frazzled and stressed on the day.

EduConnect Time

D-day! Time to impress

Keep a good upright posture

Smile EduConnect

  • Make sure your hair is neat and out of your face, Don’t fiddle and play with hair.
  • Maintain eye contact throughout interview.
  • Smile when appropriate. You want to look friendly and attentive.

EduConnect Posture

  • keep a good upright posture.
  • Don’t cross your arms – this portrays negatively. Rather fold your hands on top of your lap.
  • Keep hand gestures and fidgeting to a minimum. Sit on your hands if completely necessary.

EduConnect Interview

  • Have a firm handshake when greeting.
  • Speak audibly and clearly. But not loud.
  • Follow-Up

    EduConnect Getting Work Ready

    Send a follow-up email the day after your interview. Thank them for the opportunity and mention how excited you are to get involved with their company. This shows your dedication, reminds them of your interview and shows you off in a positive light.