Get ready for DigsConnect 2.0


Since launching the website in January 2018, the student accommodation startup has grown to now list nearly 70 000 beds in more than 15 locations across South Africa. 

DigsConnect’s Successes

The company made headlines in August last year when they dropped R10 000 in R10 notes on UCT’s campus, and then again in March this year when the company announced they had raised R12 million – one of the biggest seed rounds ever raised in South Africa. has also become the accommodation partner for multiple private colleges around South Africa, one of which is Varsity College., which was just announced as a finalist in the Southern Africa startup awards, has gone from strength to strength, and is taking the next step in its evolution on 2 September, when the startup will launch its new website, updated branding and for the first time will be launching an app.

“It’s a surreal experience,” says co-founder Greg Keal. “I remember when we first registered the site as students at UCT, and the first few listings were going up on the platform. We’re now a team of 9 people with tens of thousands of students accessing our platform every month.”

The DigsConnect App

The app has been built internally by the tech team. Co-founder Brendan Ardagh says “we spent ages interviewing devs, and we’ve been extremely selective in our hiring processes. This means that we’ve assembled a world class engineering team who’ve built an incredible app and web platform. I’m so proud of the work we’ve all put into this, especially our our app lead Tristan, and I can’t wait for everyone to download the app and see what we’ve been doing!”

Keal adds “a lot of the work is also behind the scenes, and our data engineers have been restructuring our database to support all added functionality you’ll see on the new”

The app launch will coincide with the start of the season at Essentially, this is when most students start looking for accommodation for the following year, and when landlords and private res’s start listing their rooms on 

“A large part of our platform rebuild is aimed at vastly improving the experience for landlords, private res’s and estate agents, and we’ve built what I believe to be the most comprehensive property listings platform in Africa.”

The app is available for iOS and Android.

Get a sneak peek of what’s in store on the app below.

Digs Connect Filter

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