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Failure is not Final

by admin

Truth be told:  failure is rough.  It can even feel like the end of the world.  Good news: it’s only the beginning 🙂

This might sound weird but the people who experience failure are the most successful people.  These are the guys and girls who are taking action and learning from failure.  Hash-tag perspective.  Theodore Roosevelt (legendary, American president dude) once said that the person who never makes a mistake is the person who does nothing.  All mistake-makers out there, give yourselves a pat on the back.  You’ve earned it. Bring on the mistakes!

Fighting through Failure

Life is more about overcoming failure than trying to avoid it.  It’s about falling down seven times and getting up eight.  Failing doesn’t make you stupid or weak.  It gives you the chance to learn and build strength.  And that’s legit.  Take a look at some famous people who failed big time and then went on to do great things, and fell into the career of their dreams.  Yes, even the heroes of this world wipe out.  If this isn’t inspiration, I don’t know is.  

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