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Driver’s Test – What to do if you Fail

by Staff Reporter

Taking your driver’s test is a coming of age ritual that many South Africans participate in. Whether it is done to help you get around, or just to show off your brand new certificate to your friends, it’s something most of us get around to doing.

A bump in the road

 Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as one may think. In reality, less than half of the people who take the driver’s test pass first time. So, if you’ve failed your driver’s test- don’t stress too much- you aren’t the only one. Failing a driver’s test is just a bump in the (maybe not so metaphorical) road to success. One must remember – failure leads to success. So here are some tips and tricks to pick you back up and put you on the way to achieving your license!

Gathering the essentials

The first thing you need to do is book another test. You’ll need to bring certain documents to the traffic department to apply for this. These documents consist of four ID photographs, a valid learners license and your ID. It is always a good idea to bring a pen, just in case, to fill out your forms. It is also important to bring money to pay for your test. You will need to acquire all of these things before you go to a driving license testing centre (DLTC).On to the Next Driver’s Test

Booking your next test immediately is not always the wisest decision. This can stress you out and make you focus more on the pressure of the test date than actually practising for it. Rather practise your driving until you are completely comfortable behind the wheel and then book your test once you feel ready. You’ll still have the waiting time until the date to polish your skills.

Getting the lay of the land

It is important to make sure that you are familiar with the area where you will be doing your test. Before your test, ask your driving instructor to take you through the route and testing areas that you’ll be doing on the day. This is obviously dependant on which traffic department you booked at. Ask your driving instructor to do a mock test with you on your route and see if you pass it. This will be a good gauge of whether you are ready or not. By the time you do the test for real – the route will be a well-known friend of yours.

Practice makes perfect

We all know it, but don’t always want to admit it – there’s no substitute for hard work. Getting the hours in behind the wheel is of major importance – even if it’s not with your driving instructor. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member with a car and license to take you out for some practice in your spare time. Use this as a time to make mistakes so that you can learn from them. It’s better to make these mistakes before the test rather than during.

Last-minute prep

Last but not least – the night before your test, you should get a good night’s rest and when you wake up have a full healthy breakfast.  Maybe get a bit of a warm-up in a car too. At this point you should be set to ace your driver’s test and get your license – just make sure you save the celebratory drinks till after you’re done driving! 

EduConnect 2Cents

While you may feel disappointed, it’s not really a big deal to re-do your driver’s test. You’ll get that license one way or another! 

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