A Day in the Life of a Housewife


Anita Tichauer: Housewife

Staying at home full time, having a veggie garden and tending to your kids might sound like a dream to you. Some girls dream of running their own home and having babies their whole lives. Others want a degree and a successful career. We met up with Anita Tichauer, a house wife from the northern suburbs in Cape Town. She loves being a housewife and is extremely satisfied with her life. We give you some insight into the life of a housewife.

Hi Anita. Thanks for taking time to do this. What does a typical day look for you?
This is very different when you have small children. Mornings and afternoons will be spent do-ing some recreational and educational activities. This is more exhausting than my lifestyle, I al-so have a domestic to help with the major cleaning so I’m actually very spoilt! My kids are all grown up. Evenings will also be spent bathing your children, calming them down and hoping they don’t fight come bed time. It’s also daddy bonding time since daddy works. I stayed home when my daughter was little for 4 years, which was definitely worth it.

Time of Day Activity Comments
6:00 – 7:30 Morning activities Put washing on, make my son breakfast, pack hubby’s lunch
7:30 – 9:00 Tidy up, hang up washing, dishes It has to be done so I do it
9:00 Get ready to go out
10:30- 14:00 Meet up with friends or visit old people Go for breakfast or coffee with a friend, go scrapping with a friend or visit an old person as pastoral care
14:00 – 16:00 Get home and take washing down. Spend some time with my dog, Duke. Cuddles and play time
16:00 Fetch my son from school Hopefully traffic isn’t too bad
16:30 onwards Make supper, serve it and then relax with hubby Sometimes we have a date night or have people come over for dinner

What do you enjoy most about being a housewife?
Once I’ve done everything in the house that I must for the day, then my time is my own. I just need to fetch my son from school at 4pm. No one tells me what to do. I can now have hobbies, which I never had time for while I was working. I own a small scrapbooking business and scrapbook on a personal level at least once a week now. I visit old people at retirement homes as they usually get very lonely. I love being able to help people because I want to. 

What do you enjoy least about being a housewife?
Ironing and deciding what to cook.

What did you do before becoming a housewife? Where and what did you study?
I didn’t study and I was a personal assistant at Freshmark.

Are you satisfied with your decision to stay at home?
Yes. It’s nice not having to answer to anybody. Working isn’t my cup of tea.

Is there any training provided by the organization once you come on board?
Yes, my mom taught me how to be a lady and how to take care of a home as I was growing up. Coming from an Afrikaans family, the men are very traditional and I was raised in this traditional way.

What type of person would cope well with staying at home and looking after kids?
Crazy people. (Laughs). People that like to feel a sense of pride and fulfillment in raising their own kids full time. 

How long have you been a stay at home mom?
8 years and never looked back.

Do you have any additional advice for someone interested in being a housewife?
You have to have a very good support system. Your children can drive you crazy and you can get major cabin fever. A full time mother needs a break every now and then, a time to relax and chat with friends and not think about dirty laundry or homework. When things get tough, your support system becomes invaluable. 

Any quirky advice for scholars looking to pursue this dream?
I would say you should work first and have a career. Also, be married for a few years before having children, but still be young enough to enjoy them moving out and having your own life before you get too old. Once you have children you should make the decision on whether you’re prepared to give up your career and are financially able to be a full time mom.

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Keeping home up to scratch and looking after your children full time is no walk in the park. There is a lot of housework and errands to run. A maternal type of person would be very well suited to this. Men can also be stay at home dads. Women are often the bread winners in this day and age and men have started finding that staying home and being with their kids is extremely fulfilling. But there’s no hurry these days! Have fun, travel and try that job you’ve always wanted to while you’re young.

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