How to Apply for a Job

Applying for a job… seems pretty simple and straightforward, right? Not always. If you’ve ever properly dived into the job hunting scene, you’ll know that what you assumed to be simple, quickly led to frustration. There are too many different job advertisement sites that can be difficult to navigate, lingo that is confusing and job titles that you’ve never heard of before. This course will help you to navigate this process!

· April 1, 2019

Learning Outcomes

LO 1: Understand key aspects of setting up a CV

LO 2: Learn how to write an appropriate cover letter

LO 3: Understand how to use job search engines

LO 4: Understand how a recruitment agency works

LO 5: Understand the interview process

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Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • 15 Topics
  • Course Certificate