Theatre Manager

Theatre Manager

If you have a passion for theatre, leadership skills and call yourself organised then a career as a Theatre Manager could be for you.

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Career Overview

A Theatre Manager is responsible for managing the general operations, maintenance and profitability of a theatre.  In this position, you will take ownership of marketing, staff employment and management as well as the theatre finances and custromer satisfaction.   Your role as a Theatre Manager will depend on the size of the theatre.  In general, Theatre Managers are responsible for working with productions teams to determine the theatre’s yearly calendar, constantly engaging with Directors/Producers to manage performances in accordance with theatre budget and ensuring that theatre policies are adhered to.  

Required School Subjects

In order to study either Arts Management or Business Management, you will not need to have taken specific subjects at school.  However, there are some recommended subjects.

Recommended subjects:

  • Drama
  • Business Studies

Recommended Institutions and APS

The following institutions are highly recommended for studies in the arts and management:

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Required Qualification/s

In order to qualify as a Theatre Manager, you will either need to complete a business management qualification or arts management.  The option of Arts Management will be through a Bachelor of Arts in Perfoming Arts where you can choose Arts Management as a major.  Alternatively, you can choose to study Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management which will give you the necessary skills to manage the theatre.

Required Skills

As a Theatre Manager, you will need to have the following skills to succeed:

  • leadership
  • organisational skills
  • knowledge of the arts industry
  • ability to communicate well
  • business sense
  • attention to detail
  • ability to work under pressure

Where can you work

As a Theatre Manager, you will be employed by a theatre company and work in a theatre.  Depending on the city you live in, the theatre you work in can range in size.  

Working Hours

In a general, a Theatre Manager‘s working hours will revolve around the theatre schedule.  You will need to be at the theatre ahead of opening times and ensure that the theatre is secure before locking up.  It is usual for a Theatre Manager to work on weekends and evenings.


In general, a Theatre Manager‘s salary can vary depending on the size of theatre they work in.  You could also start by working a different role in the theatre before becoming the manager.  A full-time, qualified Theatre Manager will usually make an average of R362 889 per year in South Africa.

What to Expect

Here are a few things you can expect from a career as a Theatre Manager:

  • most of the work you do is office-based
  • the job involves a high degree of responsibility
  • there is a level of uncertainty in that the success of a theatre is largely dependent on ticket sales
  • you will need to have a passion for the arts as this type of job can demand a lot of your time

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