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by Staff Reporter
If you’re passionate about growing young minds and like working with children then a career as a Foundation Phase Teacher could be for you.

Career Overview

Teaching is one of the world’s oldest careers. As a Foundation Phase Teacher, you will be afforded the opportunity not only to teach but also to mentor your young learners as they grow – literally, as they grow! This career is for people lovers and those who value the importance of establishing a solid foundation in the youth.  

Required School Subjects

If you would like to pursue a career as a Foundation Phase Teacher then you will need the following subjects in order to study Foundation Phase Teaching at a tertiary institution:

  • English
  • Pure Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy

Recommended subjects:

  • Xhosa
  • Afrikaans
  • Geography
  • History

Institution and APS

There are a number of tertiary institutions in South Africa that offer high quality education in Teaching, but we recommend the following:

  • University of Witwatersrand (WITS) – APS of 36+
  • University of Cape Town (UCT) – Faculty Point Score (FPS) of 38 for guarunteed entrance

Required Qualification/s

In order to become a qualified and practicing Foundation Phase Teacher, you will need to study at a Tertiary Institution. There are a few routes you can take which include completing a DIploma or a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Foundation Phase) or you can study something that relates to what you will be teaching followed by a one-year Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Required Skills

The following skills are needed in order to be a Foundation Phase Teacher:

  • A passion for Teaching
  • The ability to nurture, guide and mentor your students
  • The ability to transfer your knowledge in a manner that all of your students can understand
  • The ability to create a classroom environment in which all of your students feel safe and can excel

Where you can work

Foundation Phase Teachers are in charge of grades 1-3. Therefore, you will be employed by a Primary School and generally be assigned one class to teach for the entire year.

Working Hours

As a Foundation Phase Teacher, your working hours will match those of the learners’ learning hours.  This is typically from 8am to 1pm for junior primary learners.  Additionally, you may find yourself putting in extra hours doing any of the following:

  1. Coaching a sport
  2. Giving extra tuition
  3. Meeting with parents
  4. Marking your learners’ work

Expected Salary

As a Foundation Phase Teacher, you can expect to earn anywhere around the South African average yearly salary of R178 000.

What to expect

As a Foundation Phase Teacher, you should expect a very fulfilling career. You will meet thousands of interesting learners and parents during your time as a Teacher and will be able to both learn from them and teach them valuable lessons.  Foundation Phase Teachers lay the foundation for the learner’s education.  This is both a responsibility and joy.  You might encounter difficult learners along the way which can be challenging.  As part of the package, you will have the opportunity to be creative in your lessons and bring a fresh perspective to learning.

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