Environmental Manager

If you’re interested in providing and maintaining healthy working environments then a career as an Environmental Manager could be for you.

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Career Overview

Environmental Managers see to providing healthy work environments by increasing ‘green’ practices. These are the people that work hard to make sure that the area in which work is being conducted is healthy and safe, whether it’s regarding the factory work space or the office work space. Some of the concerns that managers address include decreasing carbon emissions.

Their passion for the environment is what drives them to seek out initiatives regarding improving the environment in which work needs to be conducted.

Required School Subjects

You will need to have taken the following subjects at high school:

  • English (Home Language or First Additional Language)

Recommended subjects:

  • Geography

Recommended Institutions and APS

The following are highly recommended for studies in Environmental Management:

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Required Qualification/s

Most organisations prefer a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Management or a similar subject however a Higher National Diploma is accepted by some organisations. Experience in Environmental Management or similar role is generally required as well. Depending on the qualifications and number of years of experience, training is provided by organisations.

Required Skills

You will need to have the following skills to succeed as an Environmental Manager:

  • Communication
  • Excellent Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Problem-solving
  • Computer Literacy
  • Negotiation
  • Organisational
  • Confidence
  • Detail Oriented
  • Commercial Awareness

Where can you work

There is a range of environments that you could find yourself in as an Environmental Manager.  Some of these places of work include:

    • Construction Companies
    • Utility Companies
    • Government Agencies
    • Processing/Manufacturing Companies
    • Local Municipality Departments
    • Higher Education Institutions
    • Non-governmental Organisations
    • Charities

Working Hours

Working hours for Environmental Managers vary based on the industry. Generally, standard 8-5 Monday to Friday, is carried out in the public sector. The private sector’s working hours vary a bit and tend to include working over the weekend. Some organisations may offer flexi-time and part-time work.


According to the current estimated salary for an Environmental Manager, the range is between R135 000 – R933 000, with the average being R412 002. Factors that influence the salary package include experience and qualifications. Bonuses are offered for this position and overtime is also compensated.

What to Expect

Here are a few things you can expect from a career as an Environmental Manager:

  • Self-employment and freelance work is possible
  • Work opportunities spread across international borders, making traveling and working abroad highly possible
  • Work is conducted not only in the offices but outdoors as well
  • Traveling is included with the role and varies based on the size of the organistion

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