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BA (Film and Media) with Postgrad at Red & Yellow School (Marketing & Advertising Management)

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This is a Q & A (Questions and Answers), with a graduate (Kezia Rossouw nee Rowe) who completed a BA in Film and Media.

What degree did you choose and did you stick with it or change it after you started?

BA in Film and Media Production at UCT with a Postgraduate at The Red & Yellow School in Marketing and Advertising Management. I stuck to it throughout. It is important to research as much as possible into a degree before you enroll, to ensure that the degree suits your goals and strengths so that you do not waste time and money in changing courses.

When did you finish you degree?

I completed my BA in Film and Media at UCT in 2008, and my postgraduate at Red & Yellow in 2009.

How has it helped you in your job/career?

The degree and most importantly postgraduate, prepared me for the media and advertising world in many ways, having worked on “real projects on real brands for real clients,” participating in live industry projects coupled with work-world feedback, and having had the opportunity to work with experienced coaches and top industry professionals.

Workshops provided all necessary skills relevant in today’s media environment, from digital, editing, media and design workshops, to industry databases, PR, account management and consumer insights. All roles were practiced, from account management, research, channel planning, strategy and marketing. The programmes simulated an extensive year in the industry arming one with real world skills and orientation –  a strong basis from which to be able to contribute.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to do the same degree?

The world of media, branding, advertising and marketing is exciting and competitive. Most of all, it’s challenging and requires expertise and significant talent. The key to this industry is to have the right balance between your logic and your magic.


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