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Valentine’s Day – All You Need is Love

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This isn’t just another article telling you what to do this Valentine’s Day. It’s an article about how you can celebrate this day with or without a partner.

Love is one of the strongest human emotions and is sought after by basically all humans. Everyone wants to find “the one.” The bible also speaks of love repeatedly, millions of songs are written about love and we all know how women soak up the unrealistic descriptions of love in romance novels. And yes, love should be celebrated. But that’s not the only type of love out there.

Here’s a video that perfectly describes how to see the beauty in all the things we love:

The video explains how wonderful love is and how it should be celebrated, in all things. Not just passions and a partner, but also friends and family. We should celebrate love every day, but follow tradition and take this one day out of the year to make sure you tell your beloved family and friends how much you appreciate and care for them. You don’t need to give them all flowers and chocolate, a simple note or hug will suffice and leave them to feel all special and gooey on the inside.

Another Cause for Celebration on Valentine’s Day

For many Valentine’s Day stirs up excitement weeks in advance. Flowers and chocolates are displayed in cascades of pink and red hearts, hyping everyone up and starts them planning their ultimate Valentine’s Day. Romantic dinners are booked out weeks in advance, weekends away are planned, engagement rings bought and outfits planned to perfection. For others, they just can’t wait until all of the chocolates go on sale for them to feast on.

I personally don’t see the point of Valentine’s Day and think people should celebrate their love for one another every day, through small surprise gifts, affection and by telling each other how they feel. I also know Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to gather your confidence and to ask your crush to go on a date. All in all, everyone has their own opinion about this day.

This day has been celebrated for thousands of years and the tradition still carries on. We have all heard of St Valentine being referred to but how many of us actually know the full story?

St Valentine

There are many stories behind the history of Valentine’s Day and we can’t prove which one is real or if they’re all nonsense. The most common one is this: St Valentine was a priest in the Roman Empire (true) and when they outlawed marriage to get the young men to join the army, St Valentine would secretly marry young couples who were in love. When he was caught, he was beheaded on the 14th of February.

Another version is that he fell in love with his jailer’s daughter, who would visit him regularly. Just before he was beheaded on the 14th of February, he wrote a love letter to his beloved lady and signed it “From your Valentine.” Which as you may have noticed, is still used today.


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If you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day and you’re completely dreading it, try and appreciate all of the beauty around you. Spend some time with friends and family and make it a fun day out. Go and have ice cream on the beach and laugh about the good old times. Paint a picture. Read a good book with a box of chocolates or play your favourite video game. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be watching Reign with my dog and a bottle of wine.

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