The complete guide on how to set your child up for varsity.

To help you keep an overview of what you can do to prep your child for varsity, take a walk through this tutorial series. We are here to help you set up your minions for this new, exciting chapter!

1: Acceptance! Now what?

2: What’s the budget?

3: Living Logistics

4: Get Involved!
5: Face your Fears

The day your child graduates from high school marks one of the biggest stepping-stones of his or her life. As a young adult, your child now steps into the big world and dives into a new chapter of learning, whether this be the world of academia, work, travel, or something completely alternative – scary, but exciting, isn’t it?

The decision to go study is one that opens the pandora’s box of hunting for the most optimal institutions, varsity application processes, funding strategies… and other factors that might have your stress levels soaring around you like miggies at a camp fire. Is your kid making the right study choice? Will he or she leave the nest and manage? What if your child becomes a party monster, or doesn’t eat any vegetables, or goes to a job interview with a creased shirt?

Try to keep the inspirational Kahlil Gibran’s words in mind: You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.Just like the bow can’t avoid a gush of wind changing the direction of the arrow, so you can also not have full control over how your darling offspring chooses to live his or her life – but you can most certainly play your part when it comes to guiding them.