5 Apps Every Student Should Have

5 apps every student should have

With the amazing innovations and developments of technology and the abundance of smart phones, it would be silly to not make use of it. Here Daniel gives you 5 apps every student should have to make life that much easier. 

Long nights and excessive caffeine are two very familiar problems for students. Mobile apps can help a student manage the immense stress that is often associated with university. With the overwhelming workload students have to endure, any and all help is welcome, if not vital to succeed.  Below are 5 free apps that could ease the load.

1. Rescue Time

Students spend a lot of time using social media, browsing the internet and playing games. Rescue Time is an app that tracks how much time you spend doing various “time-wasting” activities on your phone, helping you figure out how to manage your time effectively. Rescue Time is only available on Android devices.  Check it out here.

2. Skedule

Planning for each week in the semester can get messy and tedious. Skedule is an app that helps students organize their upcoming events and classes.  It is extremely user-friendly and is one of the best apps for prioritizing and planning for the weeks ahead. A student can enter their timetable, tests dates and assignment due dates and Skedule will set the reminders. This app is only available for iPhone users. Download it here.

3. Elevate

Being a university student requires one’s mind to be at a constant peak during the semester. Available for Android and iPhone users, Elevate is a brain training app that practices over 30 essential skills. Elevate is a great app to keep the brain active and healthy. This app tracks your performance in various learning areas to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses. Download it here.

4. Coursera

Coursera is an app that supplies students with free online courses on all manner of university subjects. It is partnered with top universities around the world providing great opportunities for students and others to get exposure to a variety of tutorial videos. Students can use this app to supplement their lectures and studies for better results. This app can also be used to study material that a student finds interesting but is not covered in their degree/diploma. It is available for both Android and iPhone users. Download it here. Coursera offers courses from programming to public speaking and so provides comprehensive tutorials for anyone.

5. Uber

Students, in general, like to party. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but getting home safely after a night out is essential. Uber is a taxi service that provides reliable and safe transport on demand. Every student with a smartphone should have the Uber app on their phones to ensure that they can get home safely at any time on any day. The Uber app is available for download for Android, iPhone and Windows users. Download it here.


Apps should be productive instead of inhibitive, and not end up cluttering your home screen. Be sure to not only download, but also dedicate time to using the aforementioned apps.

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