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2019 NSC Supplementary Exams: How to Apply

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Now that the matric results are out, you may want to write the supplementary exams to improve your marks. Find out what you need to know about writing the matric supplementary exams in 2019.

What are the NSC Supplementary Exams?

Supplementary exams are a good idea if you have received your results, but would like to improve your results or complete outstanding results. This is a part of the Department of Basic Education’s Second Chance Programme.

The supplementary exams are to be written in May and June 2019. The supplementary examination in February and March has been phased out and is not available anymore, according to the Department of Education’s new approach. You are now also allowed to rewrite as many subjects as you would like (taking into consideration you meet the requirements). This is all in the hope that there will be a better pass rate. 

For any matriculants looking to rewrite, this means you have substantial time to start preparing appropriately.

How to Apply for NSC Supplementary Exams

The deadline to register for a rewrite is the 31st of January 2019. The supplementary exam will be written at the school where your November matric exams were written or at a centre designated for the supplementary exams

To apply for the rewrite in May and June you need to qualify first. Make sure you read through the requirements below. 

Requirements to Qualify

Candidates may only register for subjects, which they have been registered for in the previous November examination. There is no limit to how many subjects you may rewrite.

  • Candidates who opted for the multiple examinations opportunity (MEO) option must complete the outstanding subjects in the NSC June examination.
  • Candidates who were absent with a valid reason, such as being medically unfit, experienced death in the immediate family or any other special reasons (must provide proof).
  • Candidates who want to improve their overall performance or performance in a specific subject.
  • Candidates who have October/November 2018 examination results that are under investigation will be allowed to enroll for the NSC June 2019 examination on a provisional basis. These candidates will only be able to write depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Make sure to provide substantial proof of documentation for any reasons you submit. Now that you know what the requirements are, you can go ahead and register. 

Registration can be done directly through the Department of Education’s website services.

To Note:

  • If you feel that your exam has been unfairly marked, and you are certain that if it were re-marked you would achieve a higher result, you can apply and pay a fee towards having your exam paper or papers re-marked.
  • If you are not certain that all the questions on your exam paper have been marked, you can apply to have your exam paper/ papers rechecked.
  • A recheck means that an examiner will check that all the questions have been marked and all the marks add up to the total.
  • Remember that there is a deadline in which you need to have applied to have your papers remarked or rechecked.  The closing date is 18 January 2019.
  • You will be able to apply for a remark/recheck online.

A small tip from our side: make sure you don’t leave the registration too late. If you have the smallest inkling that you would like to get your results checked or write the supplementary exam, do it as soon as you can. You don’t want to suddenly realize that you missed the deadline and then it’s too late.

Are you ready to start preparing for the June supplementary exams?

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