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20 Things Students Can’t Live Without

by Shirley Erasmus

Are you wondering what students can’t live without? What keeps us going both mentally and physically? I think you’ll be surprised. Shirley lists the 20 things that students simply cannot live without.

Let’s be honest – we all suffer from some ‘first world problems,’ especially as students. We’re glued to our phones and social networks; we work hard and play harder. So what do we really need to keep us going while we’re at university?  The short answer: a lot. But to give you a little idea,

Luckily for you, we’ve covered some of the main things we know some students need. Here’s a list of the 20 things we, as students, can’t do without!

1) A laptop/computer or mobile phone

I mean where else are we going to check Facebook and upload our epic selfies?! Oh yeah – and err, write our assignments and stuff?

2) A Student Card

This little thing becomes as important as your ID book when you’re a student. No student card means no access to campus or the library, never mind not being able to qualify for all the amazing student specials!

A USB stick

We all know how it feels to lose one of these. Assignments and series suddenly vanish and we’re left with an empty hole in our hearts. That is, until we get a newer, bigger (or smaller), faster and cooler USB stick.

4) Caffeine

Whether you’re a coffee snob and you’re best friends with your local barista or whether you live off bulk tins of Ricoffy – caffeine is something students can’t live without.

5) Red Bull

This goes hand in hand with caffeine. Sometimes you just need an extra kick to keep you going on those all night study sessions! It’s no lie – Red Bull gives you wiiiiiings (or a serious dose of hyperactivity).

6) 2 Minute Noodles

While we’re on the topic of caffeine, what else gets us through those all-nighters? You guessed it! The flavorsome, MSG packed, ‘nutrient rich’ student meal: 2 minute noodles. Plus, you can buy a week’s supply for under R10 – score.

7) A Kettle

I mean what else would we use to make coffee, 2 Minute Noodles with and boil eggs in?

8) All Stars

Every student needs a pair of chucks. Not only are they a hot fashion commodity, they’re great for walking long distances to lecture venues on campus.

9) Budget Fashion and Decor

Students are all about the latest fashion trends – however our budgets aren’t. That’s where a place like MRP comes in! Nothing like looking stylish and keeping your bank balance in check!

10)  A Study Buddy

We all need that one genius who will always be at lectures, always understand the concepts or theories and can help you out with those tough assignments.

11) Google

If you can’t find yourself a study buddy, then your next best bet is Google. Google will always be available to answer your questions – 24/7. Google will never judge you or laugh at your questions. What better friend could you ask for?

12)  Series

Look, we can’t be studying 24/7. Sometimes you just need something to zone out to. I know you’ve watched all the seasons of The Great British Bakeoff – don’t  pretend you haven’t.

13)  A 24-Hour Shop

Students have the uncanny ability to function on about 2 hours of sleep (see number 4 and 5). Often this means we make trips to our local 24-hour store for supplies like cereal, chocolate and chips (sounds like a nutrient dense diet).

14)  University Branded Hoodie

Let’s be honest, this is more a statement than a necessity. But come exam time, you’ll start to realize how important that cozy branded hoodie becomes… No clean clothes? No problem! Throw a hoodie over that!

15) Post-it Notes

Nothing says ‘prepared, organised student’ like colour coded post-it notes! Plus they’re perfect for sticking all over your roommate’s car as a prank!

16)  A Smart Shopper Card

This nifty little reward system really comes in handy when you’re broke. Exchange your points for cash and buy yourself a few packets of 2 minute noodles and you’re good till pay day! Plus, your parents can transfer their points onto your card! Double score!

17)  The Squad

Having friends at university is one of the key aspects to getting you through the years. However, having a squad makes the experience unforgettable! We all need a group of friends that will do anything, like hitting the club together in your onesies.

18) Free Wifi

Happiness is: unlimited free wifi, especially if this wifi can be found in an establishment that serves caffeine, alcohol or food – preferably all three at once.

19) Pizza

Let’s face it. Pizza is a well-known student necessity. The bigger, the cheaper, the cheesier, the better! In fact, if you can have the pizza delivered straight to your door without even moving a muscle – even better!

20) Online Lecture Slides

This is a student’s dream-come-true! No need to attend those crack of dawn lectures or beg people for their notes at the end of the year.

EduConnect 2Cents

There you have it, our complete and comprehensive list of things no student can live without. These are some of the things that make our lives as students, easier and often much more fun! Of course, every student is different and some of these things may not apply to you and may not be needed in your particular student journey. Let us know what you think. Do you have any cool things you can’t live without? We’d love to hear from you 🙂 

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